Statement Necklaces.

          Statement necklaces are a great way to bring a huge pop of flair and showstopping attention grabber to an outfit as simple as a plain white tee and some cut off jeans.  Above is a picture of my newest love, the Turq Elsa Necklace purchased off of, it comes in 4 different colors, but since Turquoise is so on trend this season, that was my color of choice.  This particular necklace has definitely made the rounds, its been used in countless advertisements, store displays and has been seen on a lot of recognizable faces, including fellow bloggers as well as celebrities.   The best part about this fashion foot in the door is that it cost me less than $40.  With a first time purchase at I was able to snag this beauty for just $32.00 because you get $10 off your first purchase at the website.    Photo taken by John G. Baker. 

(Any pictures below are not property of mine, were not taken by me, and I do not own the copyright to.)
 Here is a version of the necklace from Jessica Quirk, of the What I Wore Blog.  The necklace was featured in her book as well.  She is rocking it with a black maxi dress.  You can visit her amazing blog and read her amazing book here

 Here is the necklace on one of my favorite YouTubers and fellow fashion bloggers as well, Evelina Barry.  Her videos are excellent, and her blog is just as fantastic, she is sporting the necklace with a nude top.


 The necklace was even spotted on a friend of Kris Jenner's on an episode of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians."  Proof that even this statement necklace can be paired with summer brights to add even extra pop to an outfit. 

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