Look 4 Less: Leopard Flats & TOMS

Here is a quick post on an awesome (L4L) look for less that I stumbled upon accidentally.  In the process of trying to make a return at Target, I was told I could only do a store exchange because I didn't have my receipt :'( I thought I really didn't need or want anything from Target but might as well get something.....ANYTHING really that I might want or could use more.  I ended up finding these ridiculously comfortable flats for just $9.99! Now, I think they usually sell for $16.99 and honestly I have no idea why this specific pair of 10s was marked down, but either price is a steal for such cute, comfy shoes.   These look very similar to the ever so famous TOMS shoes and they're a great way to achieve the same look for a bargain.

Here are the ones I bought: $9.99 @Target

Here are a pair of Leopard TOMS:  $95 (they go to a better cause though, I have to give them credit)    

 Now the Target flat are perfect for the college kid on a budget who wants to keep the stylish leopard canvas flats look going, for a bargain price.  Everyone knows TOMS donates one pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair of shoes purchased, but sometimes, as much as we wood like to do a good deed, we just can't afford to, sadly.  So make sure to swing by your local Target store to snag a pair of these babies here.

Unfortunately, they only come in full sizes, and honestly, I needed a size 9 1/2 even though I usually do wear a 10.  So that is the only bad thing about them, for those of you who may need a half size shoe.  Other than that make sure to buy a pair for the perfect Look For Less opportunity :)

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