The Vacation Diaries Part 1: Sedona, Arizona :)

So a couple months ago I had the absolute privilege of having a long overdue vacation, meeting my amazing boyfriend's mom and grandma and going to the fabulous Las Vegas all in one.  So you could say I was killing three birds with one a boss :)  We both got 2 weeks off work to fly out to Phoenix, stay with his mom and grandma, and get some long overdue relaxation time.  Both my boyfriend and I are full time students who also work full time, and with him finishing up his last semester of school and me transferring Universities we were beyond stressed, to say the least.  We both love to travel and needed a break so with the help of his amazing mom we were able to fly out to Phoenix and get a vacation.  The very first morning we woke up, all four of us drove out to Sedona, Arizona.  The whole drive was very calm, with beautiful scenery as we went and stone mountains like I had never seen in my whole life, even with all my travels. 


Now Sedona was absolutely breathtaking, we stopped about 15 minutes outside the city to explore a little open air flea market type of thing with little vendors, all of which were natives of the area and were selling the most exquisite jewelry, floor rugs, and souvenirs.  John and I, being the avid coffee drinkers we are, even managed to find a little local coffee shop that served the most delicious iced coffee.......ever.  Which felt great to drink seeing as it was about 100 degrees that day.  Hooray for flip flop tan lines. 

 While we were in Sedona, we stopped to get the most amazing pulled pork sandwiches, before we went shopping, and before we left we found the best Ice Cream I’ve ever tasted, John and I split a triple scoop of Cappuccino and Vanilla Malt.  Then as we we we’re leaving we pulled the car over to this lookout point off the highway where you can see for miles and miles and in the vendors lining the highway, John bought me a gorgeous Turquoise Stone necklace, that goes with everything I own....what can I say, my boyfriend has great taste. 

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