Sparkle and Shine

            People tend to look to clothes when they think of "trends" but jewelry can be a trending thing to look out for too.  Currently, bulky chains, collar necklaces, boyfriend watches and cuffs are huge in the world of everyday fashion for the average woman.  I'm not sure if it's just a personal preference thing but it also seems that gold is in higher demand than silver, not necessarily the real thing but just in general as a color for jewelry.  Stacking bracelets is the huge trend right now, the chunkier the better.   I know it may seem overwhelming seeing as most women have dainty wrists, but it adds the perfect amount of pop to an outfit, and multiple bracelets stacked on top of one another creates the allusion of a wide cuff bracelet.   

             A fun challenge to give yourself is to mix silver with gold, when done correctly it really brings your outfit from flat to fierce.   The easiest way I have found to do this is to mix any gold bracelet with silver in the form of sparkly crystals. 

            When I found this watch, I fell in love.  It is the perfect combination of a gold "boyfriend" style watch with the chunky chain trend, it stacks fabulously with other bracelets and it looks fantastic with an outfit with red in it.  Paired with the Giraffe cuff from J.Crew, and a spiked gold pyramid bracelet that came in a 2 pack from Forever21.   (The silver one is featured below)

            Another fun combo I love, is to add turquoise colored jewelry in with an animal print.  In this case a leopard mini skirt paired with Turquoise and silver pieces added some extra flair to my wrist. 


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