The Vacation Diaries Part 2: Vegas Virgins

(Just incase you missed it, make sure to read part 1 here)

 Three days into our trip we took a road trip to Las Vegas, where neither John nor I had ever been.  We stayed at a different hotel each night, for four days and three nights.   We stayed at Imperial Palace the first night, where I bought my first ever legal alcoholic drink. We stayed at The Excalibur the second night, and then “The D” (formally known as Fitzgeralds) down in Old Vegas on Fremont Street.  Now John is into the gambling part of Vegas but I really just shopped til I dropped and bought things from stores I don’t physically have access to living in the heart of the boring state, Ohio.  I was able to visit Steve Madden, Zara, BeBe, and so many others.  John and I also got the 24 access buffet pass which gives you access to 6 of the best buffets at different casinos on the Vegas strip, which was awesome since there wasn’t a limit on visits, it was just as many trips as you wanted to make in a day.  We definitely got our money’s worth, and for anyone planning a first time trip to Vegas, you CAN NOT miss having breakfast in Paris.   There were so many options it blew all of the other buffets out of the water by far, and beat having real breakfast in real Paris (which I have been to).   From the build your own crepe station, to the amazing egg scrambles and fresh fruit with homemade whipped cream.   We didn’t really visit every major, well-known casino but it justs gives us a better reason to go back.  Here are some snaps from the whole trip, make sure to read the captions to figure out where everything is. 

The Eiffel Tower, in black and white......cuz I'm an amazing "deep" photographer like that lol 

Outside Caesars

The beautiful statues outside Caesars "where they filmed the Hangover btw"
Inside Caesars

This is where they hold those extravagant water fountain shows, once and hour at the half hour for anyone who wants to catch one on your Vegas trip.

John got to practice his photography skills outside the Luxor.

FOR ANYONE VISITING VEGAS: The famous "Welcome to the fabulous Las Vegas" sign, is within walking distance of the Luxor, a couple block down, in the center of the road! Unfortunately, John and I didn't know we were so close to it so we didn't get a picture with it, or any pictures together for that matter :) So make sure you don't miss your opportunity. 

Anyone who visits Vegas and wants authentic Italian cuisine like you've never tasted, go to Fremont street and find this little eatery one stop past the Heart Attack Grille, John and I split a pepperoni pizza and shared some Seafood Marinara Pasta, no the colors are not enhance, and everything was so fresh, and natural tasting.  The waiter was straight of the boat Italian as were all the chefs hand tossing the pizza dough right behind the counter......and being as I have a YOLO attitude, I left the man in the family owned and not-too-busy-with-customers restaurant, a $20 tip.  They deserve the recognition, help keep them open.  Fresh food is not something you come across a lot these days, make sure to stop in and tell them they're doing amazing job. 

Heart Attack Grille......there are no words. 

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