So today is my mother’s birthday,  and I’m broke and in college so I figured this is the best thing I can do with $0 to spare, I feel awful about not being able to afford a present this year, and was thinking about anything I can make or cook, but it’s all already been done (by me).  I was the queen of homemade presents for about 15 years in a row.  worth of christmases and birthdays, and you’ve pretended to like every one, even the crappy ones.  So here is a tribute to the greatest woman in my life: my mother.
    Right now, she’s reading this, but for those of you who don’t know her or I here is our little background history.  I am the youngest of 3 girls and there is a 5 year age difference between the middle sister and I so I got my mom all to myself for 5 years when my sisters both went to college.  Mwahahahahah :D Well, butting heads when I was teenager and even now is a given, but it’s her birthday so let’s not dwell on the negative past and let’s focus on how awesome my mom is and how jealous you should be of her awesomeness. 
    When I was in high school, my sisters were both in college and my dad was away working, so naturally I just had my mom to go home to most days, which is pretty awesome, commence jealousy, and we had the best relationship ever.  She was the favorite substitute sister in my high school, my friends loved her, and my teachers loved her.  She is the kind of mother who not only came out to every one of my stupid track meets, but fed the whole team too.  She is the one who, when we went to Paris, helped me smuggle sandwiches made out of the prosciutto and baguette from the breakfast bar spread.  And she is also the one who sings along to every lame song from Hairspray, Rent, and Legally Blonde in the car during every car trip we have made, just she and I.  She is the one who yelled “WHAT AN UGLY BUTT!” to the man who mooned us in New York, and breaks out into spontaneous salsa dancing while in Puerto Rico.  She cooked us amazing food growing up all our lives.  She willingly surprised me and tricked me into getting a tattoo at 18.  She speaks like 80 languages (more like 4 and a half) so sometimes she will yell at you trilingual-y, I swear she knows Swahili sometimes.  She will make yo momma jokes to my sisters and I......... yeah.  She makes the best frickin’ jelly, pickles, apple juice, salsa and baby food FROM SCRATCH! She knows how to drive a stick shift.....like a boss.  She was the first Puerto Rican paratrooper in the U.S army in the history of the existence of mankind, because she’s awesome like that.  She also had awesome finger nails, crazy hearing and eye sight like a friggin hawk. 
    She is awesome in a lot of ways, but when in comes down to it, she is more than just awesome, she is an amazing mother.  I may not have gotten it at the time it was all happening, but never has she steered me in the wrong direction, given me bad advice or done something that wasn’t for my benefit.  She has single handedly raised three young girls to be successful women, who are happy and healthy.  And she has taught me everything I know. 
    A couple weeks ago, I bought groceries for my boyfriend, cooked him dinner and packed it up and my mom walked in on my doing so and told me “You’re a good girlfriend.”  Well little does she know, I only learned everything that makes me a good girlfriend from her, since she is an amazing wife.  So to you mommy.....

I know I may annoy you sometimes to the point of exhaustion and tears, I know I’m frustrating and too much to handle sometimes, but nothing you have ever done has ever gone without notice.  Especially when that notice is in the form of a post-it you put smack dab in the middle of my bathroom mirror so I can’t miss it in the morning.  I have learned.  I have listened.  And I have tried to grow into half the woman I have been raised by, You.  So even through the tough times and hard years I have learned so much.  And all the times that we’ve butt heads have taught me life’s tough, get a helmet.  I hope I’ll grow up and make you proud, and I hope to be like you.  Minus all the crazy :)


-Your Favorite Daughter
OH snap, I forgot you haven’t told Shannon and Jessica yet, I mean........


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