The (Heatlhy) Triple 10 Omelet

 Here is a great way to make yourself a delicious breakfast omelet.  I call it the triple 10 because it will cost you about $10 to buy everything you need,  it will take about 10 minutes to cook (if you're a pro like me haha) and it requires 10 ingredients.  Now this is just an omelet I personally like, Its filling, it's healthy, and it has ingredients that are good for you, packed with protein and lots of veggies. Obviously you can do world of different things with omelets but if you want to learn how to make THIS omelet.......keep reading :)

Ingredients:  (enough to last you about 2 weeks)
 1.) 2 dozen eggs
2.) 2% milk ( try to stay away from skim milk, its too watery to have the right effect.)
3.) Oregano
4.) Olive Oil
5.) Cheese
6.) Tomato
7.) Spinach
8.) Mushrooms
9.) Ham
10.) Salt and Pepper

Prepare all of your veggies and set them on a paper plate, slice up one half a tomato, one piece of sandwich ham, the spinach, and the mushrooms.  Set them aside on a paper plate. ProTip*  Chopping up your veggies in advance, for a couple days worth of breakfast, and storing them in Tupperware in the fridge saves a lot of time from your morning omelet making.

In a small teflon pan, sautee up the mushrooms and spinach (in a tsp of olive oil) until cooked to your desired preference then turn the stove off and add half your diced tomatoes and all of the ham so they can heat up, turn your stove off and work on step 3 while it all finishes cooking.  Salt and Pepper to taste.

Prepare your egg mixture by cracking two eggs into a bowl, adding about a quarter tsp of oregano and about a tbsp of milk, then mix it all together with a fork until the yolk and whites are all one color.

Cook your egg mixture into an omelet on the stove, giving it about 5 minutes on each side, with the stove on medium heat.   Once the egg is cooked, add your cheese.  Let sit for about 1 more minute with the stove off just to ensure its cooked all the way through.

STEP 5: 
Fold your veggie and ham filling into your omelet, fold, plate, and enjoy :)  Top with the extra diced tomatoes...... Happy Breakfast! Enjoy

This omelet is perfect for the woman on the go, the whole thing it under 300 calories, and it's really filling too.   I love to pair it with a slice of wheat toast with blackberry jam, and delicious green tea.  For a great green tea recipe, make sure to check out my other post here.

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