Veggie Burger- 2 Ways. Half the calories, twice the flavor!!!

Are you a meat eater who has had to host a party with some vegetarian guests?  Are you completely stumped on what to feed them and don’t want to just give them a salad?  Well here are two amazingly tasty veggie burger recipes.  Both cost you about $10 to buy all the ingredients for (depending on your grocery store), and both are UNDER 400 calories a piece.  For the record too, I am NOT a vegetarian and I will willingly eat these burgers, they are less than half the calories of a standard cheeseburger on a white sesame bun, and packed with twice the flavor!!! LESS THAN 10 INGREDIENTS PER BURGER!!!!

The Avocado Egg, Garden Veggie Burger*
WHAT YOU’LL NEED:  Ingredients purchased with make 4 full burgers, based off one pack of Morning Star patties. 

1.) Wheat Buns                                                   $2.48 (8 pack)                                                140 Cal
2.) Extra Virgin Olive Oil                                   $2.00 (8 oz. bottle)                                         15 Cal
3.) Roma Tomato                                               .20 (one tomato)                                              5 Cal
4.) Avocado                                                        $1.28 (one avocado)                                        37 Cal
5.) Egg                                                                $ 1.58 (Dozen large)                                       70 Cal
6.) Morning Star Garden Veggie Patties            $3.67 (One pack, 4 patties)                              110 Cal
7.) Salt/Pepper                                                    $0 (most households have it already)              Varies
TOTALS:                                                          $11.21 ($2.80 Per Burger)                                  377 Cal

 So here is what you'll need to do for this simple burger.  Microwave the veggie patty for 1 minute to defrost is and finish it up on the stove, simmering in a little bit of EVOO.  While the patty is finishing cooking, slice up your tomato, quarter of an avocado, and fry one egg.  Its very simple to do, all you do is put a drizzle of EVOO in your hot skillet, crack your egg into it, salt and pepper the egg and then pop the yoke, while in the pan.  Once the egg is cooked, assemble your burger as shown below.  Step by step. 

Here are the seasonings you'll need between the two recipes. 

The Zucchini and Mushroom, Spicy Black Bean Burger*:
WHAT YOU’LL NEED: Ingredients purchased with make 4 full burgers, based off one pack of Morning Star patties.

1.) Wheat Buns (leftover from the first recipe)  $0(leftover from first recipe)                             140 Cal
2.) Mayo                                                             $2.00 (8 oz jar)                                                    45 Cal
3.) Spinach                                                         $1.00 (Dole Bag)                                     virtually 0 Cal
4.) Zucchini                                                        .88 (one zuccini)                                                  10 Cal
5.) Colby Jack Cheese                                       $1.86 (12 slice pack)                                            70 Cal
6.) White Onion                                                 .60 ( one white onion)                                          10 Cal
7.) Mushrooms (whole white)                           .75 ( 10 baby white)                                             10 Cal
8.) Morning Star Spicy Black Bean Patties       $3.67 (4 patties)                                                 120 Cal
9.) Salt/Pepper                                                    $0 (most households have it already)                  Varies
10.) Garlic & Herbs                                            $0 (most households have it already)                  Varies
TOTALS:                                                        $10.76 ($2.69 Per Burger)                                  345 Cal

For this burger you are going to want to saute some mushrooms and sliced onion strands in a Teflon skillet fora couple minutes first because they take the longest to cook.  While they are cooking, pop your black bean patty in the microwave for one minute to defrost, then finish on the stove, simmering in a little bit of EVOO.  Then take your onions and mushrooms out of the skillet and cook your zucchini in the remaining oil, that is now also infused with the onion and mushrooms natural flavor for a couple minutes until it becomes soft.  The thinner you cut your zucchini the faster it'll cook.

 Once everything that needs to be cooked has been cooked, you can assemble your burger.  Starting with the smallest bit of mayo on the bottom bun for some added flavor. 

*Calorie Count based of common nutrition facts for the ingredients purchased and serving size used per burger. 

*Price Per Burger based off 4 full burgers, each pack of patties carries 4, and each bun pack carries 8.  So you can make 4 burgers per recipe buying one of each type of patty pack and one 8 pack of buns. 

Here is what you're final products will look like:

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