Where to Splurge.....College level Designer Purchases.

              A lot of college students I know don't have money.  And a lot of my female friends, and even some of my male friends too, absolutely love shopping, or at least wish they could.  My freshman year was the worst, hit me hard.  I didn't think I needed a job, so I survived for 8 months off of a $250 a month allowance and the food points I had for my college cafeteria.  It was enough to barely get by month to month but after you take into consideration my lack of self control for shopping and all of the art supplies I needed, I overdrew my bank account about 7 times in one school year.   Every time was on shoes.  Now that I actually have somewhat of a big girl job and my priorities are straight I have taught myself what gets taken care of first per paycheck and what, or if, I can spend money on myself for.  It usually leaves me with about $50-$100 of play money per paycheck once everything has been accounted for, food is in the fridge and my gas tank is nice and full in good ole Brutus, my lovely old car that is still barely kickin', but hell, that's college for ya.
                Here are what I like to call my college worthy "Designer" purchases.   Pretty much these are the higher end brands (more high end, that is, than what I can usually afford......which is sale racks and thrift shops) and designer clothes that I would consider to be more adult, professional, and higher quality.   These are the things that you do spend money on because they'll last longer and are more versatile.   Obviously, the amount one would spend on pieces like this is a once every couple of months sort of purchase, so hopefully this will help you in determining where to splurge and where to save, and why.  These are all worth the big bucks for more than just the label and the name, and I'll explain why your saving is worth the extra spending with these pieces, don't get discouraged by the designers charging an arm and a leg just because they're name brand.  Sometime you really do have a reason to. 

1.  Tory Burch Reva Flats.  $195  Now these top the charts at my most expensive Designer purchase  I have ever made.  The reasons I bought them were quit simple: 1.) I had wanted them forever and a day, 2.)  It was my 21st birthday present to myself pretty much, and 3.)  The quality of these shoes is superb, its out of this world, so they will last me for years.  They are classic black flats with a little bit of pizzazz.  They can be dressed up for the workplace if necessary and they can be dressed down with jeans shorts and a flowy white button down.  I would highly suggest these shoes to anyone who has the self control to save, save, save for them.   Because they are worth it.  And as I said, I'm a college kid, with barely any money, but every once and a while I'll save and spend on things that are worth spending on for one thing or another, in this case, the money was worth the years and the many wears that I will get out of these shoes.

2.  Calvin Klein Nude Blazer $129.89  The best part about this blazer, is it was worth $130 but I only paid $19.98, it really was a steal.  With a barely noticeable snag in the lapel, it was on the 80% off rack in outlet mall, and my boyfriend and I enjoyed a night to ourselves shopping and running around before all of the stores closed after we discovered that that weekend only every store had a $5.00 instant coupon when you texted their store code.  This blazer is a splurge and worth the spending because not only is it classic, but it is nude, which makes it beyond versatile, and with Calvin, you know you are paying for quality as well.

3.  Tommy Hilfiger Cargo Jacket $79.99 This piece is very on trend right now and is an excellent piece to bring into your fall wardrobe now that summer is winding down.  It was purchased at an outlet mall while I was on vacation.  Once again, its expensive enough that I, on my college budget, couldn't really just get it after one paycheck.   This is worth the spending not necessarily for the quality but definitely for the versatility, you aren't paying eighty bucks for a jacket just because it has a little red and blue label on it, but cargo is a definite staple piece right now.  Pair it with lace, a plain white boyfriend tee, a black graphic tee, or even the right casual dress and strappy heels.   With this cargo jacket, your spending is worth the versatility.

4.  Jennifer Lopez  Top $36.00 and Dress $60.00  A great way for college student to use their budgets to get their hands on Designer and name brand clothes, is to look for stores that showcase Designers lower end versions of their brands.   Kohls, Old Navy, Macy's and even Wal-Mart carry lower end versions of designer labels so you can get the best of both worlds.  Kohls, which is where I buy all of my clothes by Jennifer Lopez, also showcases designs by Lauren Conrad, and Mark Anthony.   Another great place to find your favorite celebrities and designers designs suitable for your wallets are websites like Stylemint.com and Shoemint.com which feature designs from Rachel Bilson and Kate Bosworth. Here, I'm honestly going to say you're just paying for the name, but sometimes it makes buying something you want, just that much more worth it.

SO TO RECAP:   These are the top 4 "Designer" pieces I have that stand out in my closet because they don't fit my college budget and I had to go out of my way to save for them.  They were all worth saving for, for different reasons, but all of those reasons prove that when you pay for designer, its not only based on the fact that its designer.  Sometimes its the multiple wears you'll get out of it for years, sometimes it's for a piece that is simply classic and worth keeping around, sometimes it's the versatility, sometimes its for the sheer outstanding quality and construction, and sometimes, yes, sadly it is just because it's designer, but if you want to save up for something and treat yourself here and there where your budget allows, go for it.  



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