The Vacation Diaries Part 3: Vegas and Phoenix Haul

DISCLAIMER:  This is by no means meant to be me bragging, it’s just for fun to show what I got on vacation, so if you don’t want to see, please don’t read the article.

So since I wasn’t into the cards and gambling part of Vegas, I pretty much just went shopping.  Well, let’s be honest, I went shopping throughout our whole vacation.  From the outlet malls the second day we were there and Vegas itself, to little stores in Sun City, and our day trip that John and I took to Scottsdale Mall. I had been dying to visit Scottsdale, seeing as it is one of the most premier indoor/outdoor malls in the nation, with stores from high end designers to college kid budget stores like Forever 21.  It's on pretty much every list of things to do in Phoenix, Arizona.  Now, this wasn’t irresponsible of me (for all of you thinking I’m just flaunting what I got), I still made sure my bills were paid and all before I went on vacation, but I had gotten birthday money and for the first time in my life, I did what I had ALWAYS DREAMED of doing.  I went on a shopping spree.   I only spent about a quarter of my birthday money in the process, but boy did I have fun, and talk about starting 21 with a bang.  Here is a haul of all of things I got for my birthday in Sedona, Phoenix, Vegas, and Scottsdale.  Hope you enjoy. 

So first things first: Below is a picture of everything I bought myself from my birthday presents to myself, Phoenix, Vegas, and Scottsdale Mall (a.k.a heaven).  

So my birthday was just 2 days before we took the trip, as seeing as it was the big 21, I decided to get myself some special little somethings :)  First thing I bought myself was the Tory Burch Reva Flat, the matte black with the gold medallion.  These shoes are absolutely breathtaking and even though they do have some gold pizzazz on the toe, they can be paired with almost any outfit.  They are, in my opinion, the classic black heel of the flats world.  I also bought myself a Juicy Couture charm bracelet in gold, with a cute little bow and a leopard print scarf from J. Crew.  To anyone who may have a dull style sense and you're wanting to venture into the world of prints and patterns, animal prints are a good place to start.  Most animals that have common prints, are mostly neutral colors, so any animal print accessory you have (be it cheetah, leopard, snake, or even zebra) can act as a neutral towards your outfit, which is why its very easy, when mixing prints, to have one of them be an animal print.  
Here is the Juicy Couture necklace that I bought myself for my birthday, along with the Turquoise stone necklace John bought me right outside of Sedona.  And the Equality bracelet I put together myself at a Native American Crafts store on the  Fremont strip in Old Vegas. @VonMaur
The Tory Burch Reva Flat. @Saks Fifth Avenue

Leopard scarf from J. Crew @ J.Crew

So once we actually got ourselves out to Arizona we had a lot of opportunities to shop and go crazy before Vegas, now most of it wasn't in any crazy store that we don't have in Ohio, but it was vacation so I did what I do best.  A couple days after we arrived we decided to hit up a local outlet mall, and although they were mostly all stores we've been to before I did get the opportunity to buy some staple piece for my wardrobe that I had been wanting for a long time, and also get my hands on some real  deals. Van Heusen was having a huge double percent off sale so everything in the store was 70% off then an additional 30 or 20% off.  Now, this store is usually catered towards older men and women but if you really take the time to sift through all the clothes in their women's section you can certainly find some pieces that, if styled correctly,  can make a great addition to your wardrobe, and not look matronly. 
@Van Heusen

@Van Heusen

@Van Heusen

Tommy Hilfiger Cargo Jacket :)  @Tommy Hilfiger Outlet

So the next morning we went to Vegas.  Let me tell you, if you love shopping and you visit Vegas, make sure you set a whole day aside just for the Miracle Mall, attached to Planet Hollywood Casino. I had access to stores that I can't visit in Ohio and it was here that I hunted down the Steve Madden studded boots that I had been eye-balling for months and months, and after careful consideration.....bought :) I got to visit a three story Urban Outfitters, Aldo Accessories, and try my first Lobster Roll.  

These boots are the love of my life.  @Steve Madden store.

I KNOW I KNOW!!!! This picture is TMI, but Victoria's Secret was having its huge semi-annual sale where they fill up giant canvas bins and just put out a little sign with the panty size and/or bra size, and I was walking by, not intending to go in and I see this beauty.  Now usually I'm not one to spend hundreds of dollars on underwear cuz who sees it anyways? am I right ladies? Well, I had seen this beautiful work-of-art brassier in my local VS and I wanted it, instantly.  Sadly, after I looked at the price tag, I realized I didn't want it as bad as I wanted to keep $65 in my bank account.  SO long story short, I snagged this puppy for $18 in Vegas.  Holla! @Victoria's Secret.

Now, this necklace has been featured in a post here, so many of you may wonder what its doing in my Vegas haul since I got it online at   Well, Vegas is where I finally found this necklace in person and decided I must have it.  I first saw this necklace in a video I was watching on YouTube and fell in love but had no idea where to find it, while on a shopping trip to Miracle Mile, I saw it on a mannequin at BeBe, for about $200, in the display window.  So I decided to hunt it down online and the rest is history.  Make sure to get the look for less at

Getting into the Olympic spirit a little early (at the time).  And following the Stars and Stripes trend that was huge all summer.  Since the flag shorts are too much for me to be able to pull off I opted for this flag tank instead, found it in the mens department.  @Urban Outfitters

Clearance rack is how I do :) Snagged this shirt for just $7 @Urban Outfitters

@Urban Outfitters

The last night we were there, John and I took a trip to Scottsdale Mall.  I had seen it in every "Top 10 things to do" article that I read before we went on our trip, and I made it our mission to make sure we got out there before we flew home.   It was the most perfect day I could have asked for.  John and I filled up my resuable Venti cup with ice water and hit the road, and we were on our way.   It was the most beautiful drive, the highway weaved between huge rocks on either side, when we finally got to Scottsdale we parked our car in an underground garage.  Stopped in at a Starbucks and got trenta sweetened iced coffees in our preparation for our long day of shopping, now we didn't necesarily buy a lot of stuff, but we took our time and had fun. 
These shorts were such a steal, for just $10.  John liked them so he got em for me. @Wet Seal

Isn't this scarf just stunning!?!?!? And for just $9.99 at H&M how could I say no?

@H&M too.

John helped pick out this dress.  I needed some light, flowy dresses to add to my wardrobe and found the perfect one in this dress.  @Love21 brand for Forever21 stores

@Francesca's Boutique, Scottsdale

Lastly at one point we visited Kohls to buy John a tank since Phoenix was way hotter than he anticipated, where I bought  this beautiful hi-lo blouse, and instantly fell in love with the color combination. 

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