MEGA POST 2012: A 3 in 1! How to Style, OOTD, & Look For Less ALL WITH THE SAME BLAZER!!!!

FASHION STORY TIME!!!!!  I was at work one day, on break en route to Starbucks for my favorite Fall drink, the Pumpkin Spice Latte, and I see this HIGHLIGHTER- NEON YELLOW loose chiffon shirt sitting in the middle of JCPenney.   The color alone, “Dear God, I just HAD to have it”.  SO I make a b-line towards it, and check out the price, $18.  “Not too shabby Penneys,” I think to myself..... and I go get my coffee as I have given up impulse buying.  So, I’m sitting there all day imagining all of the cute outfits I can put together, seeing if it can go with a lot of my wardrobe, because nothing is more expensive than the thing you can only wear one way, when a crying baby interrupts my thought process and I loose my focus and get distracted by my upcoming appointment.  Needless to say, I completely forgot about the shirt by the end of the day, a tell tale sign that it, evidently, wasn’t worth even $18 nor place in my wardrobe family, and I go home.  Weeks go by, and for some strange reason, this stupid shirt pops in my head, so I waltz on over to Penneys during lunch and check to see if they have it, they do.....and it’s clearanced and the only one left is my size.......hello!  So I go to grabbed it  but then quickly noticed one more sitting a couple racks away, so I walked on over the THAT rack......low and behold, it was not my beloved shirt, it is a BLAZER, the same color, but a tweed fricking blazer.  My dream, that I didn’t even know I had, came true.   I could hear the choirs of angels accompanied by Robin Thicke singing it’s praises and I grabbed one off the rack and threw my clearanced chiffon shirt to the ground as it whimpered away in pity.   Mr. Blazer and I made our way to the fitting room where he gave me the most confidence I’ve had in a while, he sweet talked in my ear and told me all of the lovely clothes he can be paired with and convinced me in fact, to buy him.   BUT I didn’t have my wallet on me, so I put him on hold and came back from him at the end of the day.  I took him home, put him on display on my closet door hook and watches as his fluorescent yellow illuminated the whole closet, making the other clothes ooh and aah.  So I made myself a cup of hot chocolate, grabbed my Cosmo Magazine, sat down in bed to wait for John to get home and started looking through MY favorite fashion bloggers when........da fuq? Is that......Mr.Blazer, on another woman!?! THAT CHEATING.....wait.  I looked at my girl’s fine print and she got her blazer at Zara, and it says “old” next to it.  Must be Mr. Blazer’s dad.  Well, out of sheer curiosity I google ‘Zara + yellow + blazer’  (it’s actually a  “jacket” but screw technicalities), that is an EXACT replica of the one I got, but this one is 5 times the price, and kinda a duller color  (Not so fun right?) Anyways, that’s kinda funny, whatever, didn’t think much of it, until I kept making my way through my blog roll and not one, not two, but THREE other girl’s were wearing Mr. Blazer’s dad too.  It must be the week of the old Zara Neon Jacket.   Well by this point you can imagine my curiosity as to why this blazer is so popular and how popular it is exactly?  So I googled it, and clicked on images, every major fashion blogger was wearing it, and A list celebrities too.   Well I snagged mine for just $25, and the Zara version retailed for hundreds when it came out! It is the EXACT same jacket too, just way way way cheaper, so ladies....not only have we found a jacket that is a triple trend threat (tweed, blazer, and neon) but we have found ourselves a little look for less.  AND a How To Style.  Couple by my favorite blogger’s and celebrities, wearing Mr. Blazer’s whole extended family.  For this post, you can see how other women styled their’s and I will show you two versatile ways to wear a statement jacket for this epic Franken-blog post.

                             Look For Less:
The Zara Jacket no longer sells (except for on Ebay) but if you want to purchase the neon tween knock off from JCPenney and be stylish like me, click here.


Zara Tweed Blazer

Zara Zippered Blazer

Look 1:  Not-So-Plain Jane                                Look 2:  Electric Eel

Which look would you rock if you wore a neon blazer?

<----This one


This one---->

So for the first look (above left) I decided to use the blazer at the outstanding statement piece and paired it with your typical jeans and a white tee.  To spice it up I added leopard print pumps so that the outfit isn't all solids with no patterns, for jewelry we kept it simple with my bow earrings, my Equality Bracelet, and a crytal chain necklace from Forever 21. 

For the second look (above right) I decided to be a little bit more risky and instead of a toned outfit with neautral colors to compliment the blazer, I vamped it all the way up!  Bright colors compliment each other so with a royal/electric blue skirt the blazer really stood out even more, the shirt honestly was pure luck, featuring the blue AND the neon yellow tones it fit in perfectly, (its old from Forever 21) and to keep the ensemble season appropriate I added traditional black tights from Wal-Mart.  Instead of heels, since everything is already screaming "LOOK AT ME!"  I choose my studded Steve Madden Boots, from Vegas, to keep the edge of the outfit, but prevent it from being TOO va-va-voom. 

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                  How To Style: Neon Blazer
So I just showed you my Day and Night versions of how I would style this blazer, but if you don't believe me as to how popular this blazer is, check out some of my favorite celebrities and fashion bloggers with the very blazer this whole post was focused around.**

First, the Zara Tweed Jacket (the more expensive version of Mr.Blazer):

Now let's take a look at that other blazer we all know and love: The Zara Zippered Blazer

PHEW!  That was a long post I know! But thanks for sticking around through it all, I hope you enjoyed reading about me and my crazy moments......pretending like blazers are people! I like to keep you all on your toes and try approaching fashion in new ways. 

 Style is so much more than just looking cute, it's creativity, expression, and confidence. Sometimes the world's greatest finds, and hiding in the middle of a store, where you can't see them.  Never be afraid to rock something BOLD & BRIGHT people may be blinded by your neon jacket, but at least they're looking! If they hate it so be it, because remember, you're the one brave enough to rock something new!  Stay fabulous and fashionable!

xoxo- Viktoria

** I do NOT own the rights to the photos used in the above collages, no copyright infringement intended. 

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