H2O: FALL EDITION!!!! Scarves & Boots!

I'm starting this new series called H2O, it will show you How To Organize different things everyone owns..... to stay clutter free and keep your closet and home happy.
So this is a quick H2O based off every woman's number one fall accessory.......the scarf :D  I never realized how many scarves I owned until I decided that I didn't wear them often enough, because they were always stored in a drawer, and I set them free into my closet.   I have tried many many ways on how to organize my scarves but everything always looked cluttered, or it took way too much effort (like folding them each individually).  I used to hang my scarves on little metal shower hooks because it looked very modern and it's quick and easy to hook them onto any size closet bar.  I'm talking about these hooks.........

It was quite effective and it's what I suggest for anyone with 10 scarves or less.  The hooks open and close like a bracelet and you can clip them onto your closet bar very quickly.  But if you have more than 10 scarves this is what I suggest, and how I, personally, organize my scarves.   

What You'll Need for Scarves & Boots:

1.) Inexpensive Garment Rack (here) & 2.) Garment Bar Extension (here)  3.) Storage Bin

The garment rack is very fuss free to assemble, and the bar extension, set 3/4 of the way up, creates the illusion of the two tiered effect. So this is what your final product will look like :)  Throw all your boots in a storage bin and set it at the bottom, I always put whichever pair I plan on wearing the next day outside of the bin under the scarves, because it looks more aesthetically pleasing!

Now, the boots I put in the bin are my high shaft boots, heel height doesn't matter necessarily.  All of my shorter shaft boots, I store IN my closet, on a shelf that is above my closet bar.   

 From Left to Right:
Endless.com, Steve Madden Store Las Vegas, Forever 21, Forever 21, Bakers, Bakers, T.J Maxx, Zappos.com

On another note, here is how I like to tie my scarves in the fall.  The more plain the scarf (solid colors) the more intricate I like to get with the ties :) 

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