Look 4 Less: Steve Madden and Charlotte Russe/Forever 21

So as many of you know, the prized possession of my trip to Vegas, is my studded Steve Madden combat boots.  Featured here, here, and here.  Now as you ALSO may know, I saved up for those boots and hunted them down like a cheating ex-boyfriend.  I finally got my hands on them in person and cringed and I swiped my credit card to spend $135 on boots, ON SALE!  Either way, they were ridiculously expensive and that's not how I usually spend money but 21st birthday + Vegas = New Maddens.  Well, I have found TWO, yes TWO....different versions of pretty spot on looks for less.  

Here is the first option from Charlotte Russe: $42.50

and here is an EVEN CHEAPER version at Forever 21: $39.98

.....So get yours while you can!!!! 

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