Summer Trends: Outfit 6

"Party in the USA"
 So for this look, I decided to play up the most hipster summer trend of them all!!! The Patriotic trend.  American flag apparel was all the rage right at the peak of summer and I just couldn't find the courage to try and pull if off until I found this bad boy at Urban Outfitters in Miracle Mile Las Vegas!!!! I tried it on, debated getting it, and opted for a tattered American Flag print square scarf instead.  As I left and headed back to Excalibur, I went over the purchase again and again my head, and took the scarf out of my bag to show my boyfriend and instantly hated it, the lighting in the store made it look chic and vintage, but the lighting in the hotel room made it look, well.......just plain dirty.  So I headed back to Urban Outfitters and traded it back in for this Men's Tank Top :) I love it, and this is the outfit I came up with the follow the trend.  I wish I had the thighs to pull of the American Flag shorts, but for all of you curvier woman out there who like this trend, I think this is the perfect solution, hiding in the Men's department.  Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, and into the wrong section of a store, you never know what you may find.  (To see what else I got Vegas, click here) I hope you enjoy this

Trends it Follows:
American Pride
Chunky Chains
Studded Shoes 

Shorts: DIY cut off/Old Navy
 Tank: Urban Outfitters
Studded Belt: Forever 21
Bracelet: Thrifted
Necklace: DIY Thrifted (pulled it from an ugly purse strap)
Boots: Steve Madden Store @ Miracle Mile Las Vegas
Blazer: TJ Maxx

all photos courtesy of Katherine Barnhardt and John Baker

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