Summer Trends: Outfit 5

"Confessions of a Blue Leopard"

For this look I decided to really play up this skirt.  This was an outfit based around a statement item, which in this case, was my skirt.  Now this is what I like to call a pretty/"ugly" piece, one of those things where you see it and you are like, "that is just so wrong".  Then you think for a second and then you might be going, "BUT I LOVE IT!"  That is exactly what happened with this skirt.   I was on break at work, and I currently work in a mall, so I was walking to Starbucks and I always take mental notes as I pass window displays.  The walk from my workplace to Starbucks is fantastic, I pass a Francescas, with their little mannequin on display in a full fledged fashionista outfit that changes everyday.  I walk right in front of a White House Black Market, and (my favorite) a J Crew, whose window displays are always fantastic.  SOOOOOOOO.....I look in the storefront of JCPenney (where I've never really considered as a good place to buy clothes), and I see this skirt, which I'm immediately drawn to, not in a good way I might add.  All that's going through my head is "EWWWWWW EW EW EW EW DOUBLE EW GROSS!" One, I hate maxi skirts, Two, Leopard print should be in its natural color, not blue and green, three, its half see though and ombres into solid blue, why? BUT THEN,  for giggles, I try it on (thankfully that day I was wearing my black v-neck boyfriend tee) and I had a revelation that I look pretty ok in maxi skirts, AND this skirt was fantastic. 
So this outfit wasn't really drawn from inspiration, it was just based around my favorite find this summer, and paired with other trends I've been loving lately.  So I made this wonderful outfit that is the perfect combination of summer trends, comfort, and total glam.  Haters gonna hate, but it's just so me.  :)  Thank you Blue Leopard Maxi, for making me realize that not only can leopard look good in a bizarre color, but also that I can in fact pull off a maxi skirt, you were my first!

Trends it Follows:


Skirt: JCPenney
Blouse: Old Navy Clearance
Belt: Forever 21
Oxford Flats: Candies for Kohls
Necklace: Kohls Clearance
Jacket: JCPenney Black Friday (OLD)
Earrings: Thrifted..... 10¢ woot woot

all photos courtesy of Katherine Barnhardt

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