Feel Your Boobies! Part 1

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

In honor of October Being Breast Cancer Awareness month, I've decided to do All Size Fits One's first Blog Spotlight....but before we get into the fun stuff, let's get serious ladies.  Obviously, with a fashion, beauty and style blog, most of my readers are females.  And for the guys reading, this affects you too.....don't be one of those people who thinks it doesn't.  I have ofter wondered myself, why Breast Cancer has the most attention out of the hundreds of cancers that there are, it's the only one that has a month dedicated to it.  During October we see pink everywhere, from the car magnets, to t-shirts, awareness parades, and little pink ribbons we pin to our collars.  Even the whole NFL gets in on the action, all the player's gloves for the whole month of October are changed from their respective teams...to breast cancer pink.  The coaches, and everyone on the sidelines too, trades in their usual team colors for pink versions of their team's hats.  So why is it SUCH a big deal, I kept asking myself.  Well, here are the hard facts:

- Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women. The second leading cause of death among women.
 -Mammograms are not always enough.  So make sure you are taking ALL the necessary steps to getting yourself checked.  
 -Early detection and treatment are keys to breast cancer survival.  When breast cancer hasn’t strayed outside the breast, the five-year survival rate is close to 100% :)

 So yeah, this is real.  And we need to take good care of our boobies ladies.  I'm sure your boyfriends or girlfriends will appreciate it! SAVE THE TATA'S .

 ASFO Spotlight
Breast Cancer Awareness Advocate:  Kelsey T. 
[read her story below]
 Now Kelsey and I met through work, and she is one year younger than me, so we clicked instantly, (talking about fashion and shopping of course).  She has the most vivacious, bubbly personality and not only is she a fantastic co-worker and friend, but she is very passionate about raising awareness for Breast Cancer.  Here is a little bit more about her story, and why I think she is super awesome :)

So tell everyone a little bit about yourself...
I'm Kelsey, 20 years old and I go to OSU! I'm studying psychology and should have my bachelors degree by the end of next year.

Do you now anyone who has battled Breast Cancer?
My great-grandmother had breast cancer and is now a healthy sweet lady living life to the fullest. She did have a mastectomy in one breast to get rid of the cancer. One of my close friend's mom also is a survivor, she ended up having a double mastectomy, but is still a beautiful woman!

How was it going through the experience of a having family member who was battling the disease?
She was fighting the disease when I was very young so I don't recall any of her specific struggles. Chemo was not something that was very popular at the time, especially because of its expense. She has been cancer free for most of my life and we are so grateful!

Do you know of any great places, or websites, that people can go to to donate towards breast cancer awareness or research? Or purchase breast cancer apparel?
I will be participating in Strides for Breast Cancer on October 28 here in Columbus. If anyone would like to donate to our team they can go here and click "donate now" or "join team" if they would like to join in the walk. Our team is "Treasured Chests". There are many many organizations our there that support breast cancer research. Kroger is a huge supporter, you can donate right at the register. Also you can do what I do and purchase vanity license plates with the breast cancer ribbon. Every year when you get new tags, they donate a portion. They are a little more expensive, but worth it for the cause. Most department stores carry breast cancer merchandise, especially during October. Wal-Mart actually has some really cute tops and sweats.

Other than the pink ribbon, what is a great way to show your support for the cause in an outfit?
Especially at the Strides for Breast Cancer event, people go all out with their attire. I've seen people come in pink leggings and tutus! But for normal, everyday wear, I always wear my breast cancer bracelet and jacket. Both pink of course! I also have my license plates as mentioned above :)

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