Look 4 Less: Forever 21 & J. Crew

So as many of you have seen, featured in many of my posts.  One of my crowning pieces of jewelry is my pave crystal, link bracelet, from J. Crew.  It's gold, and is the perfect combination of the chunky chain trend, with loads of sparkle for your wrist.  Well, while I was perusing the Forever 21 website, I stumbled upon, yet another look for less!  This bracelet, sold by the website, is clearly inspired by the oh so famous pave link bracelet, that has made its rounds across the blog-o-sphere and is worn by every well known fashionista from L.A to N.Y.C.  

The J.Crew version of this bracelet retails for $125.00 and has been featured in many of my outfit post, most recently the Breast Cancer Awareness Series, Part 2 (Here).

Here is what the J.Crew version looks like:

  Here is what the Forever 21 version looks like:

With a savings of nearly $100+ anybody looking to achieve the look of this bracelet can not pass it up.  Although I would highly suggest purchasing the J.Crew version for obvious reasons, it' not in a lot of people's budgets.  The only reason I could even buy it finally was because I got birthday money.  However, if you do decide to purchase the Pave Crystal Link Bracelet, don't feel bad, although your bank account may cringe, the quality, craftsmanship, and timelessness of this bracelet, make it worth every penny.  Choose your own ending below.....

     If you want to buy the Forever 21 Sparkling Link Bracelet
                                            click HERE.


     If you want to buy the J.Crew Pave Crystal Link Bracelet 
                                            click HERE.

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