Summer Trends Finale: Outfit 10

"The Stone Necklace"

So this is it, the conclusion to the summer trends posts.  Seems like forever ago I posted the first one.  It's crazy what 10 posts over the course of a couple weeks can do your perspective.  This was a really fun series for me to do and I hope you all enjoyed it.  All of these trends can easily be transitioned into fall with the outfits I gave, just add an extra layer or two with tights, scarves or jackets and help the summer trends live on.  For the final look, I decided to revisit the beloved Turquoise and Coral color that we saw everywhere!!!  I loved this look because based off the trends it follows, you never would have thought that it would all be in the same outfit, but I think I pulled it off pretty well. I hope you enjoy, and thank you all so much for reading along with me as I covered all of the fashion favorites for summer 2012.  Stay tuned into the blog for more fashion posts as we enter the Fall Season :)  xoxo

Trends it Follows: 

Nude Shoes
Coral & Turquoise
Flowy Blouses

 Blouse: JCPenney
Denim Jacket: GAP!.....but thrifted :) (what a find)
Stone Necklace: Target
Girrafe Cuff: J.Crew
Pants: Target
Satchel: Target
Nude Flats: Payless
Earrings:  Target

all photos courtesy of Katherine Barnhardt

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