A Week In Skinny Jeans: How to Style Burgundy Pants for Fall

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Burgundy jeans have just stormed into the fashion world, as the number 1 staple wardrobe piece for fall 2012.  The oh so famous colored jean kick that the summer was known for has just added a new member for their family....and her name is Burgundy.  Burgundy/Wine colored skinny pants are gonna be all the rage this fall.  I have already noticed it with my own two eyes.  They are all over the mall, and sold in every other store I pass.  The best part about this trend is that the dark color allows for every woman of every shape and size to rock this pant.  I have made it no secret (and you can tell from my pictures) that I have fuller thighs, thanks to my parents for making me a 5’6” glass of Caramel Mocha.   Being half Black and Half Puerto Rican, and having the thighs that I have, has left me with no choice but to rock what my momma gave me, and these pants look really great on my legs.  I stumbled upon a pair, on sale at Target, marked down from $27.99 to $19.58.  I tried them on and instantly fell in love with them.  The deep red color complements all skin tones from Casper white, to Snooki tan and darker.  So I highly suggest saving up those extra bucks and finding yourself a pair.  I don’t care if I have never met you in my life, I guarantee they will look fab on you.  

If you don’t know what to pair with burgundy pants, take a look below for some inspiration and fashion tips.   From my fellow Latinas who love animal prints, to the girl going to church on Sunday.  There should be an outfit that closely fits your style or that is made with pieces that you can find in your own closet, in some way, shape, or form.  They were all fairly inexpensive pieces that I have bought either with coupons, on sale racks, or at thrift shops.  Don’t be afraid to venture into the clearance section ladies, you never know what you’ll find, and how cute you’ll look saving money.....your wallet will thank you later.  Not only do I absolutely adore all these looks, but I feel they would be really easy to re-create, and if you don’t have anything similar to the pieces I used, consider doing a little shopping this weekend, because all the tops and shoes used to create these looks are very versatile pieces. But remember, your tops, shoes, and accessories don’t have to be exactly like mine, just like your eyebrows, they don't have to be twins, they can be sisters.  What I mean by that is, you can just use the combination of clothing pieces in the outfits I created as inspiration for a look you may want to create that is similar, but not necessarily an exact replica.  
Proof.....marked down, on clearance, and less than $20.

So this is definitely one of the most simple looks to re-create.  For this outfit
you will need a solid color sweater, some slouch boots, and an animal print scarf.  A fun little tip for wearing scarves:  if you have a traditional rectangular scarf, tie both sides together at the corners and create the illusion of an infiniti scarf by wrapping it twice, just to make sure to hide the knots at the back of your neck.  Now, add your accessories, and voila.....Monday’s look is complete. 

"The Strike Is Over"
This outfit is dedicated to all of the referees for the NFL, congratulations on ending the strike. My John says I look like a ref in this shirt, so I thought the title was only fitting.  For this look you will need a black and white striped shirt (vertical or horizontal stripes, and any width) and black wedges.  Since chiffon tops were huge this past summer a great way to transition them to fall is by wearing a heavy tan top underneath.  A lot of girls were rocking the daring look all summer with nothing underneath and fully exposed bra, but for fall.....you might be a little chilly.  Layer a tank top under your flowy summer shirt, add cute ankle booties, and you’re done.  Now go enjoy the Tuesday weather. 

"Turq it Out!"
For this outfit you will need a lace top, a leopard belt, and your favorite Turquoise jewelry.  What a beautiful combo, am I right?  (If lace isn’t your cup of tea, try a tan knit sweater.)  Tuck the front of your top in to expose that little peek-a-boo of leopard, add the pop of turquoise in your necklace, rings, or bracelets.  Now it’s time to visit the pumpkin patch on Hump Day :)

"One Woman's Trash........."
 I am absolutely head over heels in love with this ensemble, why? (you might ask) seeing as it’s really nothing special to the naked eye.....Well, I love it because the whole top half of my body is thrift ed, and how modern does the outfit still look?  Saving money is so much fun.  For this outfit you will need a polka dot shirt, and (in a color that compliments the polka dots) boots and a belt, both in the same color.  I used a white blouse with navy blue dots, so for shoes and the belt, I went with dark brown.  Belt the shirt at your natural waist and slightly pull it out over the belt, creating a peplum effect and you’re ready for Thursday brunch.  

"TGIF, Aim for the Brain!"
By the end of the work weed, I don’t know about you but I’m exhausted beyond belief and never go out.  Fridays are my pass-the-eff-out-after-work day and relax, make some hot chocolate and grab a magazine.   So I like to be comfortable on those days.  For this outfit you want to wear a rather tight black graphic tee, a denim or chambray button up, and some classic black chucks.  I absolutely love this shirt, and for $9.99 I just couldn’t pass it up. Although I think the history behind the “Keep Calm and Carry On” posters is actually quite interesting, this hilarious take on the saying was just too funny to pass up.  Now if a zombie killer shirt and a loose button up is too tom-boy for your style, feel free to substitute for a more feminine black top and tailored denim jacket instead :)   Now relax, and enjoy some Friday night cocoa . 

"Girl's Night Out/ Date Night"
If and when I go out to dinner, or on a date with John, it’s on Saturday, seeing as Sunday’s I can’t pry him away from his football games for anything.  If you’re going out at night, everything is always louder and riskier, so this is the outfit you want to the leopard print for.  Now, mostly every single female friend I have owns some sort of animal print top, if you don’t......stop reading and buy one right now, because let’s be honest, how cute is this outfit?  If you’re wearing a button up top, and want to prevent the dreaded button pull-age that happens to every well endowed female, wear a cute tank or lace cami underneath, and undo the top two buttons.  Pair the ensemble with your favorite black heels and hit the town.

Holy Day.  For those of you who go to church, this is the perfect outfit for you, very mature and polished, while staying chic and looking absolutely adorable and put together.  For this look grab your favorite fall colored shirt (deep oranges, browns, and mustard yellows) and pair it with a nude or light tan blazer.  Pair it with some lace up flat brown boots, pull ‘em tight and you’re ready to go out.
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