Build a Better Wardrobe! My Top 20 Wardrobe Essentials Every Woman Should Own

 If you own these 20 items for your wardrobe, you will be able to vamp up or complete any outfit, from summer to winter and every day in between.  These are, in my opinion, the absolute must haves for every woman's wardrobe.  Whether you have a more classic, refined style and your go to accessory is a strand of pearls, or an edgier street style like myself, where your go to item is a pair of combat boots.   Go through your closet, yeah you!  If you don't own one of these items, GO BUY IT RIGHT NOW! They are all worth the investment, not only are all of these items the most versatile pieces to have, but they will all stand the test of style throughout the next couple years and more. 

1.) Red Lipstick.  
Pick your shade to suit your skin tone, but a bright red lipstick looks good on any woman.

2.)  Diamond Studs
Whether they are real or fake, if you're drawing a blank with accessory choices, you can never go wrong with diamond studs, they pair perfectly with gold and silver.

3.) Statement Bracelet
This is my personal, go-to statement bracelet. The reason this is so important to have is for those boring outfits. It will easily bring an outfit from drab to fab.


4.)  Leopard Belt
Everyone should own leopard. And a belt is the perfect way to ease your way into the world of animal prints. Leopard print is the khaki of the jungle. You literally, can not go wrong, and pair it with any outift, using it as a neutral.

5.)  Mirrored Aviators
The shape of the lens in an aviator, works well with any face shape, and with the mirroring effect allowing you to not see your eye's, these are perfect for those days that you just didn't find the time to not wear make-up, or maybe not get enough sleep.  

6.) The classic white button down
Now I know most woman wouldn't dare own a plain white button down unless you are a waitress or a barista, because let's face it, they're boring.  But let me plant this little seed of thought into your head....ever have a printed fall cardigan that you want to wear in winter? Layer it over a plain white button down and you instantly have  a chic winter look with an added layer of warmth.  Also, if ever you have a job interview, or spontaneous business outing, your trusty button down can be your go-to piece.  They also look cute tied over a graphic tee with a maxi skirt :)

7.)  Plain White T 
There are no words. You can pair a white t with EV-ERY-THING!!!!  

8.) Classic Trench Coat
Honestly, I never owned a trench coat until earlier this year when I decided to add one to my clothing family haha.  I used to associate them with streakers, but now more than ever I realize how truly versatile they are. 

9.)  Classic Black Blazer
Just like a plain white T, you can add a black blazer to ANY outfit and it will work.  Trust me. 

10.)  Denim Jacket

11.) Plain Leather Jacket

Now, I'll be honest. I don't like to wear leather jackets with my edgy looks, I like to pair them with
my girly looks. Its just a fun way for me to really express my personality through fashion.  

12.)  Jeans  
I can't really say what cut, that is something that you have to figure out per your body type. 

 13.)  Black Skinny Jeans or Leggings
Now, this is something that DOES look good on any woman and her body type.  Why?  Because you can't really go wrong with black.  It is slimming and works with any outfit. 

14.)  Classic Black Flats
Comfy, ridiculously versatile, and a perfect way to avoid wearing sneakers to keep your feet comfy.  

 15.)  Classic Red Heels
For that outfit that you want to POP!  Although it's not very original, let's be honest, it's always cute to wear an all black and white outfit with a red heel.

16.) Patent Leather Black Sky High Heels
For those SEXY outfits, where you need a little bit of extra va-va-voom!

 17.)  Nude Pumps 
Nude shoes work perfectly with outfits where you can't really decide if you want to wear black or brown.  I always go to nude over any other shoe choice when I'm wearing blue :)

18.)  Classic "Fall" Boot
Because at some point, you're just gonna need some cute boots!

19.)  The Classic Red Dress
For date night, or formal occasions, EVERYONE needs a little red dress. 

20.) LBD 
No explanation necessary.  

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