First World Problems.

As a style blogger, it’s easy to forget about the beauty of nature.  I spend all my time in a mall between the 2 jobs I have.  After a shift or in between the two, I usually just stay at the mall until they close.  I'm surrounded by nothing but man made product that has been dyed with artificial coloring.  When I need to draft an article, you can probably find me at Starbucks or Panera.  I’m usually so exhausted that most of the time off I have I end up laying down with my laptop and browsing Pinterest until I fall asleep, or end up with InStyle crumpled up underneath me. When I DO get out of the house I end up indoors yet again, whether it’s a friend’s apartment, bars, or wherever. 

Today at work, I found myself complaining about how I have to wear black and white to one job, and all black to my other job and how much I wish I could step out of the house in a little color.  I’m thinking, like a pouty 3rd grader, it’s just not fair.  Look at the trees right now, they get to switch their looks up every single day. They get to wear oranges, red, greens, and browns.  But the trees, just like us mall employees, after a long busy season, want nothing more than to strip down naked and stay like that for a couple months.  Outfit changes are exhausting after all. Now, if you’ve never experienced Fall in Ohio, you are missing out.  Seriously, it’s breathtaking.  It’s a shame women like me get sucked into this busy schedule and end up focusing on nothing but material things.  My job and my blog have turned me into a retail zombie, and today I put an end to that.

After just working one job today, I got home and instead of reaching for my laptop I put my sneakers on and got Peppy into his harness.  I grabbed my headphones and walked out of the door with my camera to capture the essence of all things Fall, for those of you who have never seen it. It was refreshing to just listen to calming songs, walk around and enjoy some fresh air, clear my head and get back to my roots of photography, even at it’s simplest form.

Although fashion is a lot of fun for me, and luckily one of my careers, it gets overwhelming sometimes and it’s nice to get out, so I don’t forget the beauty that surrounds us.  We're not the only ones who get to switch up our looks, the trees do too.  So get out of the house tomorrow and let them know you notice them.  Put the fashion and beauty on hold for couple hours, sit back, and enjoy the Fall because it won’t be around that much longer. 

Forget about style for a day.

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