Spotlight: What to Wear to Work- Teacher's Edition!

Working retail, the one thing I obviously enjoy about my job is that my dress code is very flexible.  There aren't that many respectable professions that allow you to, in a sense, wear whatever you want as long as it's "business casual".  Teachers and Professors everywhere are some of the lucky ones, and as a young woman in that field, you may find yourself struggling to find the perfect blend of staying work place appropriate but also looking fashionably put together.  One of my long time friends, and avid reader of the blog, recently completed her student teaching internship and had the brilliant idea to colab with me to show you all some fantastic outfits for young women everywhere who may be in a similar field.  With an open mind and a closet full of versatile wardrobe pieces, she let me sit down and create outfits with garments she already owned for the perfect blend of us, her clothes with my style thrown's what she had to say and the looks we came up with.

"I will never forget my high school Spanish teacher. Her confidence, strength, resilience, and compassion combined together to make her an incredible role model. Actions so often speak louder than words, and from her I learned that it is possible to follow your dreams and really live your life to the fullest. More importantly, after she had a surgery, she taught me that these things are possible no matter what happens to you. That is a lesson that ended up being critically important to me as a young adult when I faced some monumental challenges. She showed me that you have the power to make your life great; to choose how you respond to setbacks…and nothing can hold you back.
Teachers really do have an unbelievable amount of potential to positively impact the lives of their students forever. We all remember those incredible teachers who inspired us, challenged us, encouraged us, and empowered us. Some of the greatest lessons of our lives are learned under the careful guidance of teachers who lead us to discover our passion in life and dream of a better future."

10. Dress Code
 Don’t underestimate a solid color dress in which you feel comfortable and confident. Pair it with leggings, a sweater, and boots for a casual Friday. Simply add a blazer and elegant shoes for observation days. My favorite is this LBD that I scored at the Limited on sale for about $40.00. 

9. Functional Flats
 You’re on your feet almost all day. Protect your feet, legs, back, and neck by investing in supportive shoes. 
**VikTip: If ever there was a time to splurge on shoes, you will never regret saving up those hard earned dollars for a pair of classic black flats. As long as your feet have stopped growing, they are going to worth every penny! My suggestion, the Tory Burch Reva.**

8. White Out
No, not the helpful editing tool. Literally take white out of your working wardrobe. As a teacher, you can be a constant target for ink, lead, dirt, paint, glue, and anything in the lunch room. Darker colors are usually easy to manage! 

7. Book Bag
 You need a bag big enough for books, papers, your lunch, and your laptop. And, it needs to last. My favorites include the solid color lightweight & washable Vera Bradley, the fold-able Longchamp, and extra large Lands End totes. 

6. Coat Room
 You will need a warm, durable coat on chilly days for recess duty, bus duty, and for your early mornings before the sun comes up. Mittens, a hat, and scarves are also a must. Don’t be afraid to have fun with patterns and color…I enjoyed adding plaid while I was student teaching. 

5. Primary Colors
Make sure your favorite color appears in your wardrobe. On a long day, don’t underestimate how something so simple can be a major pick-me-up. 
**VikTip: Finding your power colors can ensure you that you build a lasting wardrobe.  Power colors to me are any colors that you look fantastic in, or that make you feel like you are the only woman in a red dress in a room full of people wearing black.  Mine are bright yellow, kelly green, and plum.**

4. Age Appropriate 
Because nothing is more embarrassing for your 7th grader than when you are wearing the same top as she is. Explore labels made for young adults and find what works for you. Ann Taylor Loft, New York and Company, The Limited, and Eddie Bauer are some of my favorites.  
**VikTip: You CAN shop in the juniors section if you are petite, but try to stick to basics or layering pieces to ensure you don't wear the same thing to school as your students.**

3. Cover Your Subjects…and Yourself
 You need to be able to reach up high, kneel down low, carry big books, and practically do back handsprings without any unfortunate wardrobe malfunctions. Ensure your clothes are long enough and can handle sudden movements, because as a teacher you truly have to be prepared for anything. I always liked wearing leggings and camis/undershirts just to make sure I was always covered. 
**VikTip: Tights are no longer a season considered a "seasonal" piece for positions like teaching, if something is questionable too short, throw on a pair of tights to stay work place appropriate.** 

2. Layer Up
 Temperatures fluctuate from room to room, and sometimes you might even start to feel the heat during an observation or a conference. Make sure your layers are appropriate and can stand on their own. 

1. Telling Time
A watch on your wrist at all times will help you stick to schedule. A large face with numbers that displays the date and time is especially helpful. You can find plenty of affordable watches that make a statement on 

"In order to be a good role model for students, I think it’s important that all teachers develop their character and values. Those things arguably shine most brightly through the words and actions of a confident individual. To teach students to be comfortable in their own skin, to follow their dreams, and to embrace life’s challenges with confidence, teachers really must model these very things. One way to show your confidence and individuality, of course, is through your style. Teachers can carry themselves in traditional, conservative, and professional ways while still showing their personalities and embracing their individuality. It may seem challenging to accomplish, but these practical tips can help any teacher find and embrace their style. Always remember the most important thing: changing the world for the better never goes out of style."

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-Viktoria and Friends :)

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