Tacky Holiday Sweaters!?

Fashion is all about expression, so why not have a little fun with it from time to time.  Look at me, I have a pair of the most ridiculous gold sneakers, alongside a pair of leopard print hi-tops sitting on the floor of my closet. Both of which I wear with pride year round.  As we grow up, we don't get a lot of opportunities to wear super fun, comical things on our shirts without looking like 5" something toddlers.  Although, I will throw a blazer over any screen tee to class it up a bit but that go-to style just doesn't cut it when it gets cold outside.

In the Winter it gets hard to express yourself through your outfit since all you want to do is throw on a chunky sweater and knee high boots, so I guess you have to let your sweaters do the talking. 

Target has such a wonderful selection of "tacky", in-your-face holiday sweaters which, in my personal opinion, are fan-fricking-tastic! I love them all, and I am making it my mission to buy well.....all of them, by the end of December.  These are going to be so fun to pair with colored denim and knee high boots and I am SO looking foward to the double takes and conversations that arise by wearing them.  





So which amazing holiday sweater is your favorite? Click the pictures to buy them!
Stay Stylish

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