October Alphabet Trends: V is for...

'V is for Vests'
So let's talk about a pretty "controversial" wardrobe piece that is without a doubt a love/hate thing.....Vests! I personally love a great vest but some women hate them or think they are too butch. I guess my love for menswear inspired pieces is why I have no problem with them but I'll elaborate in a little bit. For this article, I honestly had two specific vests in mind that I have not only been wanting to add to my wardrobe for years now, but I wanted to spotlight today. Well, with my new mindset I haven't found the right ones so I didn't have either for this article! I recently decided that future purchases are going to be well thought out and I am not spending money on clothing if it's one of three things. A.) On sale or clearance and that's the only reason I'm getting it B.) Low quality, because I'd rather save and start buying quality pieces rather than buy inexpensive ones that will fall apart after a couple wear and washes and C.) strictly for the blog, I have become notorious for buying things specifically to fit a vision for an outfit for my blog articles, then I never wear them again. So on the hunt for my cargo vest, and a faux fur vest I came up short and had to completely redesign this article for you all.....so I hope you still enjoy it.

Let's start with a Vest Checklist.
 In my humble opinion, if you purchase all these vests over time...you will have a complete vest collection to solve all your Fall fashion dilemmas and top off any look. I'm still working on buying all mine too, so we can take this journey together and share with each other our amazing vest finds by using the hashtag #ASFOvests. Share your favorite fall outfits featuring vests, or let everyone know if you're out and about and see a super cute one for a great price. This blog should be so much more than just you all looking at my outfits, it should be a full fledged community where we can share looks, communicate, and interact with each other sharing all things fashion and style. So ladies, let's look out for these things. I marked the ones I already have and I am looking forward to getting the rest!

Denim Vest ✓
One word: classic.  This season especially the 90's grunge type looks and styles are making a comeback and denim vests are no exception.  The best part about denim vests is that they are super easy to DIY if you find a great jacket at your local thrift shop!  Simply cut of the sleeves above the sleeve seam and then throw it in the washing machine, when it comes out take a piece of sandpaper to the seam and you have a fabulously frayed, DIY denim vest for (hopefully) less than $10.

Faux Fur Vest
This is the one that got away! Kinda...Well, not really. I haven't found one at all yet but I will! The vest below is coming to Target soon and mark my words I WILL buy it! Faux fur vests are a tricky one to pull off but with a little determination and lots of Pinterest stalking, I'm sure you will find some cute outfit ideas!

Anorak/ Cargo Vest
Ok, it's as simple as this. Anything a cargo jacket would look good with, a cargo vest will too, but vests are a great alternative to jackets when and if you want to show off the sleeves of whatever blouse you want to wear.

Faux Leather Vest ✓
This is the vest for all of you rocker chic girls.  You can add a faux leather vest on top of fun flirty dresses to edge them up a bit or wear them in the fall to flaunt your style in place of a moto jacket.

Puffer/ Quilted Vest ✓
Once again, blame it on the Pinterest. I saw an adorable outfit collage put together and went on the hunt, I found 2 different puffer vests for less than $5 at the thrift shop!

Trench Vest
This is fun one that I recently decided I want to hunt down, but do not own yet. I got the idea from Pinterest and now its my mission to find one!

"Specialty" Vests ✓
To me, specialty vests are the fun ones that you can't get at multiple stores, take this Herringbone vest that J.Crew Factory sells. It's a unique, out of the ordinary piece that will still make a great addition to your wardrobe. The vest in my OOTD below is a great L4L for all you bargainistas!

So now onto my look! I found this vest at Target, it's still currently being sold and I couldn't help but notice that it is a great dupe for the J. Crew factory best above.  I kept my outfit simple by layering this statement vest over a chambray shirt and paired it with black skinnies.  Since my boots have gold hardware, I added a simple chain necklace a couple of my favorite chunky bracelets.  

 Skinnies and Vest: Target / Boots: Marshalls / Shirt: Old Navy / Bracelets: Ebay and Target (chevron)

Remember ladies, use #ASFOvests so we can all check off all the vests on the list, or see how you are styling YOUR Fall vests this year

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