I'm back!

Hey ladies! Sorry for the long leave of absence but my life has been changing like crazy in the past couple months and I've barely had enough time to breathe....let alone blog.  February as a whole was so action packed that the whole month went by in what seems like 2 days.  Ready for this? I started apartment hunting, found a place I LOVED, applied for a higher position at my job, hit a major hurdle (that required a lot of money) with the apartment hunting, got it taken care of and my bank account winced.  Then hit a minor hurdle when Nate decided to switch jobs, although I whole heartedly supported his decision to quit the job he was at due to horrible management and a very unprofessional work environment, it was scary to be making all the money for both us for a while, even though he had savings, it was still exhausting! 

Then things started to turn around but there was still a lot to do.  I heard back from my work that I was officially promoted two rungs up the company latter, due to the size of my department, and would be starting a new position with better pay at the end of the month (yay!) and Nate officially got offered a way better job at an amazing and reputable company where his pay almost doubled (double yay) AND we got the apartment we wanted, correction....townhome.  This amazing place that's two times the amount of space as my previous apartments in both Ohio and Arizona, two stories, big kitchen with hardwood flooring, amazing bathroom AND a second room that (until it becomes a nursery) is officially my office / studio for all things All Size Fits One.  WOOT WOOT! So then in the midst of house/dog/cat sitting for my sister who was out of town for a week, we had to move.  Nate's things coming up from an hour and a half away courtesy of his amazing father who took a whole day to move him up to Columbus, officially.  I moved all my things from my mom's house with the help of my friend, Faith, and her monster truck! Days after we got settled into our new place we both started our new jobs, got internet set up and bills transferred over etc.  Although a few things are still in boxes, it's mainly all here.  And now I finally feel like I can breathe again.  I feel like I'm free and finally independent because to be completely honest this is now the 3rd time I've moved out of my mom's house.  I always end up messing up or letting life get the best of me, getting financially drained or whatever else, and that's always been my safety net.  I hope it sticks this time though.  I want to be out on my own with my own life and my own place.  

It's nice to have a personal workspace so I can take this year to really focus on work and my blog.  Even though I've always given it my all, now it can be more of a second job than a hobby and hopefully reach it's full potential! 

As always, 

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