Spring Fashion Haul

So here's what I've come to realize lately, since blogging is not my main source of income my turnaround is a lot slower than most bloggers....allow me to elaborate. 

A lot, if not all, of the women whose blogs I read are fortunate enough to actually be full time bloggers, beyond their computer screens they don't have a second income like I do.  Although that would be completely ideal for me, a job where I make my own rules and have my own schedule, it's not a reality for now.  I do have another job, a full time job.  I'm one of four Supervisors for the adult clothing departments of a store you've probably shopped at before (or at least heard of).  Since I've been so busy with the holiday season and now a promotion at work, my blog articles have become less frequent and my turnaround is very slow.  So slow in fact that by the time I get around to posting a look with a new piece, it's sold out...and what good does that do you? None.  I know.  So after a lot of thinking this is what I've come up with, a virtual haul of the things I've bought lately.  This way, I can share some recent finds with you while they're still in stock, and then take my time with the outfit articles so that by the time I post those, it's merely a matter of showing you some styling tips.  See, All Size Fits One means the world to me but I have to focus on work, my relationship, my health, I do have to watch my spending now with a new place to help pay rent towards, and finding the time to shoot photos with my photographer every other weekend that I'm not scheduled to work.  *sigh* 

So without further ado, here are a few pieces I've stumbled upon the past couple of months that I've picked up in preparation for Spring! If you want them, you can buy them by clicking the item title.

I ♡ Ronson Blush Leather Jacket
Perfect for the girly girl in your life who wants to subtly express her edgy side.  I fell in love with this blush colored vegan leather jacket.  I've never been much of a "pink woman" but could not pass up this cute jacket that is absolutely perfect for spring.  If you do want to fully embrace your girly girly style, you may also want to check out this full on Barbie Pink faux leather jacket too!

Bisou Bisou Jumpsuit 
Ok, I'll admit it...this jumpsuit has horrible hanger appeal. It's pretty bad, but I swear to you it looks great on! I've never owned a jumpsuit and after opening my mind a little bit I finally decided to start my journey with simple solid black one. This adorable one from Bisou Bisou has simple mesh accents on the shoulders, back, and ankles.

iJeans by Buffalo Tropical Top with Varsity Accents
Can we just take a minute to appreciate the perfect blend of soft and sporty!? I absolutely love these next three pieces. I am a total sucker for all things athletic inspired and loved the stark contrast in these blouses, and this tropical shift dress.

Periwinkle Zipper Blazer
This gorgeous contemporary blazer speaks for itself with it's loose fit and double exposed zippers, you can add a little spunk to your early spring outfits by tossing this on over any floral top and some ripped skinny jeans.

JustFab Black Gladiator Sandals
I was very excited to get the opportunity to receive my first couple pairs of JustFab sandals in the mail a couple days ago.  I picked out these adorable sporty gladiator sandals and a pair of leopard print Birkenstock inspired sandals accented with edgy studs and harsh buckles.

Joe Fresh Floral Varsity Tee
I've already devoted a while article to Joe Fresh and his amazing rise to fashion fame, and every since have loved investing in his totally affordable pieces.  I most recently picked up this black and white foliage covered tee with athletic sleeves and a darling tweed skirt with athletic trim!

(The link provided is to the larger version of the handbag. To browse various other mini satchels, click HERE)
Target has a plethora of brightly colored handbags and for some reason this yellow mini satchel was on clearance for $9.97, although I still can't figure out why (seeing as the other colors weren't on markdown) I couldn't pass it up.  Make sure to visit your local store to see the wide variety of colors and styles that they have to offer, perfect for the season.  

Sam & Libby Faux Snake Textured Sandals
Say hello to this year's upgraded version of last years favorite sandal.  Sam & Libby released a black and silver version of these Birkenstock inspired Sandals last year and they sold so well that they redesigned them with this amazing faux leather, faux snake skin texture. Available in both Black and Silver, I waited until these adorable flat sandals went on sale before picking up a pair with an additional 20% coupon.  

Mossimo Boyfriend Cardigan 
While I was at Target, I stumbled upon this vibrant button cardigan in the Junior's section.  The lime green perfectly accents the aqua blue, and the mild perforation make it perfect for those early brisk spring days where you need to keep warm but want to look cute.

This, my friends, is why you should follow @TargetStyle on Instagram.  I saw this adorable tank top featured in one of their snapshots and couldn't find it online, because online it looks completely different and not appealing at all.  It isn't until you see it in person that you can truly appreciate the circle trim and lattice back detailing.  This breezy tank top is going to be so perfect in the upcoming months, I can't wait to wear it! 

Apt 9 Graphic Tee
I'm just going to let this basic graphic tee speak for itself.  Oh, and it's less than $15 so there's that.

Assorted Lauren Conrad Earrings
(Tortoise & Turquoise / Pineapple / Ladybug )
Lastly, and most recently I picked up some cute LC Lauren Conrad earrings, although I'm having a hard time tracking down all of these specific pairs, you really should consider stopping by your local Kohls to check out all of her quaint designs.

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