What took you so long Spring?

As long as I've lived in Ohio, I've never seen the same winter 2 years in a row.  Some years it's just cold and gray for a couple months and others we get hit with feet of snow overnight.  Well, this year's winter was a combination of both, getting hit with arguably our worst snow of the season on Valentine's day morning.  Needless to say, come March everybody was ready for the snow to melt, and the sun to come out!  Lately we've been seeing temperatures all the way up in the 50s so although some people are still wearing their winter clothing, I'm busting out the Spring florals. 

The problem with breaking out the spring clothes this "early" is that it is still a little chilly, so you have to find ways to express the season but cover up appropriately, and here's one way I've loved doing just that, with a jumpsuit.

Ever since I've seen jumpsuits making a comeback, I've probably been the most skeptical person out there. Some trends and styles are fun to see again 10 years after they were originally popular, but others need to stay in fashion's history books, and jumpsuits are no exception...or so I thought.  I was out shopping one day when I decided to try some on, on a whim.  To my surprise, I instantly fell in love with them.  Now, I honestly feel like as long as you find the right one for your body type, they can look figure flattering on every woman.  For me, this slouchy cut with a synched waist perfectly fits my curvy hourglass shape.  If you're busty like me, look out for jumpsuits with an overlap on the top.  If you're less curvy, or naturally slim, you will look excellent with jumpsuits without a fixed waist, that way you can belt it wherever you're comfortable. And for full figured women, reach for ones with a fitted top and wide leg cut to create a beautiful shape and comfortable fit.  

I paired my all black jumpsuit with a gorgeous periwinkle blazer and these A-MA-ZING floral pumps that were remarkably affordable and I had to share them with you (you're welcome).  You'll be shocked when you find out where they're from! Either way, this look is a surprisingly warm outfit for these early spring days.  

Jumpsuit: Bisou Bisou (comes with silver belt) / Pumps: Kohls / Blazer: Nicole Miller / Necklace: Ebay
These floral pumps are super comfortable and on sale for less than $40, plus any coupons that may be out if you decided to purchase them yourself (sold out online, call your local store for sizes. Ask for Apt 9 floral pumps). This particular jumpsuit is also less than $40 but some reason was on clearance in store only for $9.97 (use code 2FRIENDS until 2/24 for 25% off).  As always if you pick anything up make sure to use the #asfo so I can see any purchases inspired by these fashion articles.  Any pieces still in stock are linked above in the outfit details. 

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