Thigh Highs

I have been looking for "well-over-the-knee" boots for about 6 months now, I searched all throughout winter and almost gave up.  See when you have stupidly long spider legs like me, all of the knee high boots comes to your calf, and all of the over the knee boots are knee high.  By the time I finally found a pair that was high enough they were on clearance, but luckily they still had my size and I was able to pick them up for $27 (in store)!!! 

In these early spring days I've been loving pairing my thigh high boots with a great shift dress, leaving just a sliver of skin showing.  I don't think a pair of boots that comes up this high would have the same effect if they were heeled because you might um *cough* give the wrong impression, so make sure if you're re-create a similar look you make sure they're flat!

This gorgeous dress completely embodies everything I'm obsessed with. Between the floral prints, the cool tones, and the athletic inspired trim I just couldn't ignore it! I never pass up an opportunity to purchase an 'online only' item, or simply an item that has sold out of my size in store, from JCP.  With their free ship to store and hassle free returns, online shopping is no longer a gamble. I may or may not have ordered 2 sizes of an item I was unsure of (fit wise) and then just returned the size that didn't fit me.  Anyways, I loved this dress when I saw it online, and stalked it until it went on super sale and the rest was history. What I wasn't expecting though, was for the detailing to not be your average print, but what looks like a saturated watercolor painting. Eeek! I'm so in love with this dress it's not even funny.  

Boots: Rock and Republic / Dress: J. Taylor / Jacket (old): Rock & Republic 
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