Keeping it Simple.

I made the mistake of telling one of my coworkers that I'm obsessed with the "Varsity" trend and now she is always giving me flak whenever we get in pieces with athletic trim.  You know what I'm talking about, that cute little triple stripe that usually has dark edges with a light color in the middle.  She's always holding up pieces and teasing "Viktoria, do you like this sweater? It's so athletic inspired!"  Well, Celesta.....this ones for you girl! 

One of the pieces I was trying to hunt down for months was a white sweater with black and white trim.  I saw a couple options in store that were either ridiculously overpriced or too cheap to bother buying.  After picking up a really cute one from JCPenney, I discovered it was actually navy (not black) and ended up returning it.  As cute as their Liz Claiborne tennis version was, I was dead set on black so I kept on looking. It wasn't until I got an Amazon gift card for Christmas, and didn't really want anything at the time, that I decided to look for on, and that's when I found this great one.    
I didn't really wear it for a couple months since Ohio was busy trying to be an Arctic tundra, so the second it started to warm up, I busted it out.  I like to keep my looks a little simpler these days so I paired mine with some flared jeans that are right on trend for spring, and a cropped trench.  With flared pants like these, and a boxy jacket, it's easy to larger overall because you're losing your shape up top and making the smaller part of your leg appear wider.  Make sure you always reach for shoes with some height if you're rocking a pair of wide leg or flared bottoms!

Jeans: H&M / Jacket (old): +Forever 21  / Sweater:  / Heels: Jessica Simpson
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