Sometimes sales are everything.

I've struggled a lot the past 3 years, since I became fashion obsessed, with buying things I genuinely want versus buying things simply because the price is too good to pass up.  I have and will always be a complete sucker for sale racks and clearance stickers....I live for 80% off, both online and in store. When I came across this blouse by Joe Fresh a couple months ago, I fell victim to my biggest weakness and had to buy it simply because it was on super sale. I think I ended paying less than $10 on it, plus I had a promo code.  Could I live without it? Absolutely....but I bought it anyways.

It wasn't until after it arrived and I had worn it a few times to work, that I thought of this great outfit that combines both a jungle chic vibe with a great pop of bright spring color, and now I'm completely obsessed with this blouse. 

In the earlier spring days like these, where it's still brisk in the mornings and barely warm in the afternoon, I like to transition into the new season by combining some of my favorite winter pieces with some new spring ones.  In this case, I took some of my winter ankle booties and a versatile cargo vest and paired it with my new bargain blouse and coral necklace.

Although a ton of women can't wait for spring clothing because of the bright colors and soothing hues, I just dress to suit my style. Fashion isn't about following the rules and I'm not much of a pastels woman, so even when I do bust out a feminine color like periwinkle (as seen in my jumpsuit article) I will find a way to counterbalance it with edgier pieces or darker colors.  

Blouse: Joe Fresh / Cargo Vest: Gifted / Necklace: Macy's / Jeans: Mudd / Booties: Macy's 
So today, I challenge you to create a spring appropriate outfit that incorporates darker colors and light spring pieces! Don't forget to use the hashtag #asfo if you create a look inspired by today's article, and as always.....Happy styling!

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