Lilly Pulitzer for Target: Review and Lookbook

What. A. Morning. 

I've been to my fair share of Target Designer collaborations.  Prabal Gurung, Missoni, Phillip Lim and so much more! I've gone to launches in states both in the East Coast and in the West Coast, and I've always been able to snag the pieces I wanted well before they sold out.  That being said.....nothing could have prepared me for this morning's insane crowd of fashion forward women looking to snag their piece of the Lilly Pulitzer collection.  

Filled with pieces for the home, clothing, accessories, and even make-up bags, this highly anticipated collection was so popular that it crashed the Target website and sold out in some stores nationwide in under an hour.  You can check out the collection in it's entirety on the website and browse by department or print, and even shop through a virtual house party! Check it all out here!

As for my morning, I woke up at 7:15 to get to the Target store by 8am.  Since I've only ever had to share designer collections launches with a few other women who were in line for the store opening, I took my time getting to my local Target and drove into the parking lot at 7:55.  To my surprise, there was a MASSIVE line and I ended up being about 30th or so.  I instantly knew that I might not get the pieces I was after, so I almost walked away until I noticed something.  There was a group of women in the very front of the line who were decked out in their Lilly attire with pearl necklaces, Sperry Top Siders, designer handbags and Starbucks coffee in their hands.  They were all dressed to the nines and looked fantastic, don't get me wrong, but they all looked very much like they had the same "stereotypical" Lilly P style.  Here I was, with my distressed jeans and a Ramones tee when it dawned on me how much I do need to get these pieces just to show you that you don't have to be super rich to rock this amazing brand.  It hurts to hear people talking down about the brand because it's for "rich people" or "preppy people"...I love her brand and I'm not either of those things.   You all know I'm a versatile fashionista, but my core comfort lies in edgy street style. I love a good pair of worn down jeans and sneakers, I love football jerseys and leather jackets...but that doesn't mean I don't also love lighter pieces like the very ones I'm about to show you. Whether I'm just having a feminine day or I'm actually on a beach vacation, I do enjoy these fun filled nautical prints and a great piece of resort wear from time to time.  Just like everything else in my closet, I pair it with other brands and bargain finds that I've accumulated over time.  Even though these exact pieces may already be sold out in your local store, you need to see that you don't have to have tons of money to rock your Pulitzer pieces.   

I was able to get my hands on 7 pieces in my size, more than most women, because I had a full figured advantage.  Most of the X-Smalls, Smalls,  and Mediums were gone in seconds, but a ton of Larges and X-Larges remained so I could calmly pick out the couple of items I wanted and I was actually one of the first women into the fitting rooms.   I was lucky enough to get 2 of the 3 pieces I had on my wishlist and snag a pair of shorts that I didn't anticipate getting after the woman who was in line ahead of me (who I had struck up a conversation with) grabbed my size and handed them to me.  I thought they wouldn't be flattering but as you see below they ended up looking great on me, even with my muscular thighs.  By the time I left the fitting room, there was a line the same length as the one outside of the building before it opened.  I took my items that I didn't want and put them on the go-back rack but they were gone in seconds.  These women were like a pack of hungry was actually kind of amusing.

I'm a bargain blogger, you all know that, and I would never lie to you ladies or tell you to spend money on something I didn't think was worth it.  I honestly think this was one of the most affordable collections Target has ever offered, so I ended up leaving the store with 3 new pieces.  All in all it was an amazing experience and I'm very happy with what I got! Can't wait to show you the looks below.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

The first piece I picked up was this blue shell printed trapeze blouse,  it does all the hard work for you and is perfect for summer! Since it is so shapeless try to pair it with tighter bottoms like a skirt or in my case, skinny jeans. To add an accent color, and keep with her nautical theme, I added my sea coral necklace and summer ready shoes.  Since there is so much color on top, I kept my bottom neutral with white pants and nude wedges.  

Buy the Blouse Here.
The next piece I picked up was this gorgeous tropical print dress! I was actually after the jumpsuit that came in this print, but sadly my long legs interfered yet again and it was too short on me :(  I don't think I'll ever wear this piece with anything more than accessories and cute shoes...with a statement dress like this, you definitely want to let it do the talking and keep your look simple.  I added tiny little seahorse earrings to complete my look.

clearly I can't photoshop....gotta love the flyaways!

Buy the dress here.
Lastly, I picked up these shorts that I had zero intention of buying....just goes to show you the importance of shopping in store and trying things on. I instantly fell in love with them and couldn't help but take them home with me! To play on the colors in this signature Lilly print, I paired mine with a flowy coral blouse and fun, sea foam green bamboo earrings! 

Buy the shorts here.
I hope you all enjoyed seeing my looks and hearing about my crazy experience! Make sure to use the #ASFOdoesLilly to show me your Lilly Pullitzer for Target finds, for a guaranteed feature at the bottom of next week's blog post!!! As always...

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