Homemade Salsa & How to Entertain Your Friends for Less than $20.

A lot of times John's friends will come over for football night, and let's face it.....I can't really feed the guys apple slices and carrot sticks with garlic hummus, which are the snacks I keep in my fridge 24/7.  So here is a college kid budget friendly way to feed up to 6 hungry men (which is like 15 teenage girls), if you want to entertain guests with an appetite.  All of the ingredients were less than $20, which leaves you money for beverages. For this inexpensive recipe, we'll be making Chicken Quesadillas and Homemade Salsa, and since it feeds up to 6, it's not my usual $10 or less recipe. 

What you'll need: (Prices based off my shopping trip to Giant Eagle)
8-10 pack Flour Torillas $2.50
Boneless, Skinless Chicken (Breast or Thigh) $5.39
Shredded Cheese $2.50
Sour Cream (optional) .99¢

Tomatoes .89¢
Whole Lime .59¢
Whole Jalapeno Pepper .32¢
Can of Whole Kernel Corn .89¢
Cilantro .99¢
Can of Black Beans $1.04
Red Onion .92¢
Salt (typical household item)
Corn Tortilla Chips $2.39
TOTAL:  $19.41

So start by spraying a teflon pan with cooking spray, and placing all your chicken tenders in a non-stick pan, lightly season with salt and pepper (mine spilled tee hee). 

Place lid on top of pan and let simmer on low heat so it slow cooks and gets nice and juicy so it falls apart.


 Start by draining your can of corn, your can of black beans, and dicing your tomatoes.  Dice your red onion and jalapeno pepper into little bity pieces, making sure to remove all the seeds of the pepper. Cut up all your cilantro and get your lime ready by rolling it with your palm on your kitchen counter top to get the juices flowing, then slicing it in half. 

 Now the fun part! Throw all your ingredients in a large mixing bowl one by one. 

 THEN squeeze your lime into the bowl, as demonstrated by my amazing hand model John Gilbert :)  Add salt to taste, then mix it all together, set in the fridge while you finish your quesadillas. 


Start by shredding your chicken by separating it with two forks, once its been cooked all the way through it should fall right apart. 

 Assembly time, using a pan on low heat or a griddle, spray with olive oil cooking spray then lay the tortilla flat,
 throw your cheese on top with most of it on half then put your chicken on top.  Wait until the tortilla has warmed up to fold over your tortilla and finish cooking on both sides until the cheese is melted and your tortilla has become slightly crispy and golden brown. 

 Plate and enjoy! 

  I decided to wash it all down with a Malta Goya!!!! OM NOM NOM
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