Summer Trends: Outfit 1

So this is the very first post in a series of 10 outfits.  For the next 20 days I will post one outfit every other day that portrays some of my favorite trends from the summer.  They all follow multiple trends that I have noticed (shown in the list below) that fellow bloggers, fashionistas, and mall walkers have all been donning. 

-Neons                                           -Leopard Print
-Snake Prints                                 -Chambray & Denim
-Boyfriend Watches                      -Coral/Peach & Turquoise/Mint
-Lace                                             -Peplum
-Flowy Blouses                             -Maxi Skirts and Dresses
-American Flag Print                    -Collar Necklaces
-Bold Chain Scarf Print                -Cargo Jackets
-Blazers                                         -Studded Shoes
-Colored Pants                              -Nude Shoes
-Trench Coats & Vests                  -Chevron Pattern
-Satchels                                       -Crossbody Purses
-Polka Dots                                   -Rose Gold Jewelry
-Skulls                                           -Studs and Spikes

"Trenched in Turquoise" 

So for this look I decided to pair up the coral and turquoise color combo that we saw everywhere all summer with the peach and mint color combo that other woman sported if they didn't want to be as bold as coral and turquouise.  Since the neon shade in the coral stretchy shirt I had was too bold to compliment the light tones in my scarf I toned it down with a see-through beige, lace blouse.  This was just see through enough to allow to color to pop through.   Two complimentary color combinations in the same outfit can be hard to pull off, so you want to make sure you use colors that are just different shades of one color family.  

Trends it follows: 

Colored Jeans
Coral and Turquoise
Peach and Mint
Rose Gold Jewelry

Pants: H&M
Lace Blouse: Forever 21
Crossbody Bow Purse:  Elle for Kohls
Under Shirt:  Rue 21
Scarf: J Crew
Trench: Forever 21
Rose Gold Watch: Charming Charlies (Michael Kors Inspired)
Rose Gold Skull Bracelet:  Ebay

all photos courtesy of Katherine Barnhardt
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