Summer Trends: Outfit 3

" Lovely Leopard"

For this look I decided to take a simple hi-low flowy dress, and pair it with one of the coolest trends I saw this summer.......studded shoes!!!!  Also, I used my number one rule to making any outfit look tres chic. Blazer and Belt It!!!  Nothing really more to say about it, it was fairly simple and effortless, very non-fussy, and really comfortable at the end of the day, between the non-fitted dress, synched at the waist with an overly elastic belt, and the peep toe shoe, this outfit allowed for mucho comfort and tons of style. 

Trends it Follows:
Leopard Print
Studded Shoes

Blazer: Sears
Dress: Target
Shoes: Kohls
Belt: Kohls

all photos courtesy of Katherine Barnhardt

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