Fine Art Meets Ready to Wear Fashion: Donald Robertson for J.Crew Review

I paid $45.00 for a t-shirt. Well, technically Nate did but either way that's ridiculously overpriced in my eyes,'s not.  Allow me to elaborate.

J.Crew recently released this amazing cheetah t-shirt and I instantly feel in freaking love. Like, gasp out loud while on my computer LOVE with this t-shirt and then I saw the price.  $45 buckaroos for anything at J.Crew means it's either on sale, or it's socks or something.  But no, this was a top! However, it was a t-shirt.  This was right in the midst of my month and a half of unemployment hell, so I had zero money, yet I found myself head over heels in love with a piece of clothing.  Not beccause it was "OH EM GEE SO CUTEEEE!" but because it was me + me + my style + a little bit more of stuff I like. So pretty much that means I had to own it, and I had to flat out ask my boyfriend to buy me something, which I hate doing.  After further investigation I realized it was a Donald Robertson cheetah sketch slapped onto the shirt...and suddenly it all became clear why I liked it so much. 

Donald Robertson recently introduced a line of artfully crafted t-shirts in a collaboration with one of my absolute favorite stores that I can't afford, J.Crew.  What you may be thinking if you don't recognize the name is that Robertson is a designer, when really he's most recognizably...a fine artist.  One of the 3 original founders of Mac Cosmetics he aided in the launch of VivaGlam, that has raised over $315,000,000 to date, donating 100% of their profits to help fight AIDS & HIV.  If that wasn't impressive enough, after working alongside the head honchos of Glamour, Marie Claire, and Cosmo, he now works as the Head of Creative Development for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics.  Needless to say, the man has done pretty well for himself.  

Creating works of art out of leftover shopping bags, gaffer tape, paint, and pretty much whatever the hell else he feels like, Robertson creates these effortless pieces that any fashionista would drool over.  Personally, I think his take on fashion illustrations are to die for, and I loved watching his work in progress when I found this article by J.Crew.  

Needless to say, I could go on and on but let's get to the good stuff. His works of art sell for upwards of thousands of dollars, but you can now wear his artwork for just $45.  My boyfriend got me this amazing t-shirt after I flipped a giant shit over it, after discovering that it was indeed the Instagram famous @donalddrawbertson.  SUPER affordable comparable to his casual works of art, these t-shirts are truly one of a kind and a major steal for what they are priced.  What I'm trying to say is RUN......STOP READING AND RUN, don't walk, and BUY ONE HIS SHIRTS!!

I picked out this cheetah one, although the dancing ostriches were a CLOSE second and I'll probably buy them too! The mix between the sloppy paint-strokes of a relaxed fine artist, and the slouchy heather grey tee is already absolute perfection, but the cheetah is so perfectly strategically placed off to the left that you can't help but wonder if J.Crew + Donald Robertson is the most perfect pairing in the history of affordable, ready-to-wear colabs.  

Anyways, you'll most likely be seeing an OOTD soon but until it's gets shot I just had to share this amazing find a.s.a.p. Hopefully someone else can appreciate his artistic genius, and go support this amazing father of five.

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