What to Save On v. What to Save For

I like to think I've coined the phrase: "there are certain things that you should save money on, and certain things you should save up for." To me, certain items (especially in your wardrobe) are things that come and go. They won't be around for next season, or you simply need them for a special occasion or one particular outfit. These are things that you can just get cheap and fast at your budget friendly stores like Target. Take a trendy piece for example, something like the Isabel Marant wedge sneaker. Although it's claim to fame came about on the fall/winter 2013 runway, they quickly got picked up by affordable ready-to-wear fashion retailers, but they weren't around for long. A shoe like that is something you should save money on, and come next year when they aren't "in" anymore, get rid of them. Another piece to not worry too much about are things like basics, not to be confused with classics. A classic piece is something like a trench coat, and a basic piece is something like a white tank top, or gray tee shirt. You really shouldn't spend money on the basic pieces for your wardrobe that don't get a lot of "top layer" attention anyways. Nude camis, and all their similar friends, can be picked up at stores like Forever21 for less than $3. Lastly, have you ever had a single outfit that's just missing something, that "something" is another thing you should save money on. Let's say you have a look that would be absolutely perfect with a skinny fuchsia belt, but you know you won't get much wear out of that belt with the rest of your wardrobe, this is something you should save money on. It won't be worn frequently and it's not versatile or timeless so save those hard earned dollars for something better. 

Now that I've cleared all that up, let's move on to pieces you should save up money for. The list really depends on who you are and what you'll actually wear. If your personal style isn't exactly the trench coat type, I'm not going to say "every woman should save up for a Burberry one". Even though they are one of those classic and timeless wardrobe pieces that defy the years, you shouldn't buy one if you won't actually wear one. I've already talked about versatile classic pieces every woman should own, but now I'm going to start talking about pieces you should save up for. Designer pieces if you will. The pieces that without a doubt will cost you a little bit. These are going to be things that you can't find a bargain version on, that won't ever go on super sale, but that I feel like are worth it anyways. I strive to represent the bargain fashionista, the one who doesn't live for designer labels, and who can turn every clothing into a high class look. I'm always looking for the newest way to save money, but that doesn't mean there aren't exceptions to my lifestyle. Today, I'm happy to start a series that will review those few pieces I do own that I had to save up for. These timeless pieces you have to spend a good amount of money on, but you're guaranteed to wear them for years and years...so let's dive into the first "what to save up for" with my Rose Gold Michael Kors Runway Watch.

Ok, full disclosure: I didn't actually buy this watch.....I stole it mwahahaha. Just kidding, it was my 23rd birthday present.  The MK Oversized Rose Gold Boyfriend Inspired Runway Watch (ain't that a mouthful?) was GI-NOR-MOUS in the style blogger and fashion vlogger world a while back and ever since I've been wanting one.  I've been stalking it for literally 2 years now and finally, after realizing I will probably not stumble upon $250 extra bucks any time soon, I just asked for it.  I have a big family so I figured each person can pitch in like $30 or $40 bucks and then *poof* birthday present! And that is exactly what they did.

For me, any watch is a great investment to make but Michael Kors especially knows what he's doing. That man really knows how to make a good watch.  If you're going to be buying a watch that you want to last you a long time this is definitely the way to go.  Realistically, it's expensive....but it's not Rolex expensive.  To me, $250 is saving a lot.  That's a couple months worth of putting some money aside the second I get my paycheck.

Now onto the color, I know that this tone looks especially flattering on my skin tone (toot toot) but the actual reason I got it is because it looks good with both gold and silver. Rose gold can be combined with all your jewelry, so whether you're wearing a silver wedding ring or some inexpensive gold earrings, it won't look out of place along side your blushing arm candy.

When we went to pick out which Rose Gold watch I would get, I was already leaning towards this basic boyfriend style, but I tried a couple different ones on just for shits and giggles.  I tried this one on, and this one too, but settled for the most versatile one with the least amount of bling. I feel like having a watch with rhinestones that surrounded the face would be a little dressier than I preferred, plus it was $25 more expensive at the time. My goal was to get a watch that I was not only going to wear for years, but one that I could wear day to day... even with ripped jeans and a t-shirt.  After deciding on this style (not the skinnier version) the man at the Macy's counter sized it for me, complimentary, which for my wrist included taking 4 links out in total, 2 on each side so that it stayed centered.  Originally they said the way a watch is "supposed to fit" is snug and right below your wrist bone, tight enough that it doesn't slide around.  Since it's crystal faced they want to avoid it sliding around the bottom of your wrist and cracking against something.  So for all of you backwards watch wear-ers.....this is not the watch for you.  With a crystal face like this you run the risk of it cracking it open the first time you lay your arm down on something a little too hard.

  After a couple days of wearing it and ending up with a sweaty wrist and imprints from the band pressed into my skin, I decided to take it back to have them add a couple links back into band for me.  Turns out, I only needed one link put back in and all of a sudden the watch sat right on the top of my hand, and felt so much better.

Overall, I do not regret this decision at all, and I'm not just saying that because it was a gift and I didn't spend my own money on it.  I'm saying it's worth it because it is.  I've literally worn this watch so much that after accidentally leaving it at home one day, before leaving for a weekend getaway, I found my wrist feeling so naked that I turned around and went back for it.   I've fallen more and more in love with my new addition every day since June 5th when I picked it out and tried it on and I plan on wearing it for years to come. You can buy my watch here.

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