Football Chic

There's not a ton of room for fashion in sportswear, but that doesn't mean your outfit can't be stellar. To me, team apparel shouldn't be bedazzled and sparkly, there's not an NFL team out there who have pink as one of their colors, and ribbons and zebra print lettering need to stick to sorority t-shirts where they look right at home! I may be a fashionista to my core, but when it comes to football it's a jersey and jeans all the way....until now.

Old Navy released a line of NFL shirts for women last year that did so well they brought them back this year (with a lot more stock, or at least it seems like it since they sold out super fast last year)! Although I refused to pick this one up until it went on sale at my local store, since the Colts are more my boyfriend's team than my own, I've actually gotten more wear out of it than my other one. It fits me like a glove and it is so figure flattering it's not even funny! Usually, for a football game, I'll just pick up a uni-sex (or even men's) t-shirt, and wear some ripped jeans and a sweatshirt to stay warm.  With this shirt you can not only look football appropriate for the game but also fashion forward. 

I paired mine with this cute black cardigan that has a subtle athletic stripe detail on the sleeves, yet again staying feminine but still oozing an athletic vibe and guess where I got it? That's right. Old Navy, they seem to be on a roll this season.  Paired with black skinny jeans and a denim vest for that added layer of warmth and style, I finished off my look with black and white Nikes and some silver hoops.  I never thought I would be that girl turn fashion into football, but now that I can you bet I am! 

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