READER REQUEST: Bringing Summer Colors into Winter

Diane, 21, from Long Island asks:
“Do you have any outfits focusing around the summer sea foam green color or coral, and what to pair them with for winter? Those are my FAVORITE two accent colors for clothing (navy being my number one general) and I'd love to see a look at some point including that.”

I have actually been going back on forth on what to do for these looks, I originally had laid out outfits featuring coral and sea foam green, and for some reason I just wasn’t feeling them....but then I realized that was the problem. If sea foam and coral were the FEATURE in the outfit, it would be impossible to make them winter appropriate , because let’s face it, they ARE summer colors. The challenge when you are trying to transition your favorite summer colored clothing to winter is to use it as an accent, and keep your darker, neutral tones that are winter appropriate as the focus.  

For this first outfit we are using every woman’s favorite neutral replacement, leopard. (or to be technical, cheetah). It’s the khaki of the jungle so it goes well with every color, and shade/hue of colors that are nature based, as in greens, browns, and deep reds/oranges. That being said, we are using this outfit to showcase the sea foam green since green is a nature based color. We have it in the bracelet and in the scarf, and we’re adding more tan in the shoe and in the giraffe bangle, so that the only non neutral color is the green. This makes it an accent, but still allows it to pop and be a subconscious focus, so that you can bring some green to winter. Another thing we’re doing is mixing prints, a lot of people get scared of mixing prints, but if you follow this simple rule, you will never fail.
"Mix one bold print with one subtle print!"
The scarf here is a mild floral print, and to me it looks like watercolor because all of the colors just blend together with no harsh edges or obvious patterns, and I’m mixing it with a bold spotted cheetah print, with harsher edges and a clear pattern. In this outfit the look is very dynamic because not only are we doing a color pop, but we’re successfully mixing prints!

Yet another shirt on clearance, sheesh!  Anyways, this top I got in Phoenix, you may have seen it in my haul months ago.   It just so happened to match my coral jeans perfectly so for this look you want to stay monochromatic.   Coral on coral, but instead of doing a mini skirt and a light top, your coral is long pants and a long sleeve shirt, clearly winter appropriate!   Too dull it down, we’re adding a black jacket, and black shoes of your choice.   You can easily go with boots here but because of the jacket choice I went with pumps so I didn’t look TOO edgy.   Not that I don’t like an edgy rocker style, it was just for this outfit in particular, I chose a pump.  If you are surrounded by snow, obviously go with a boot, and bring your coral into winter on your legs!

For this look, you can take any floral or patterned piece of outerwear (cardigan, jacket, shawl etc.) that features greens of any shade, and wear sea foam green shoes.  This kimono inspired jacket I FELL IN LOVE WITH when I was browsing the H&M website months ago, there wasn’t a store near me that had it in stock and you can’t order off the website to Ohio, so I forgot about it. WEEKS later, I found it in a store near me on super clearance and snagged it in my size for just $7!   This look transitions perfectly into winter because 1.) you can layer as much as you want to stay warm enough to suite your needs, depending on how cold it is, and 2.)  the shoes feature your favorite summer color without it looking like your style sense is stuck in summer.    The balance is sheer perfection, now you can walk your sea-foam green right into winter!

This last outfit, I shot on a whim but it's kinda a fun way to discover new wardrobe possibilities.  As you can see it's a nothing more than a hybrid of the first 3 outfits, so I challenge YOU readers.....take your favorite two summer outfits and mesh them together to create whole new look for winter by adding your favorite winter jacket!

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