For this post I'm showing you how to style 3 different dresses, 2 ways each!  Hopefully you can find an outfit to suite your needs no matter your style or climate of where you live.   Each dress was under $40 so it fits most people's budgets, but to be perfectly honest, that is more money than I would usually spend on a dress.  However, it has become a personal tradition for me to buy a new dress every year once December comes and the sparkle hits the sales floor!  These 3 outfits feature my 2010, 2011, and 2012 dresses!  
           I ALWAYS go for one of two things for a New Years dress, sequin or glitter.....but with the right styling, I created 6 completely different looks.   Another random thing for me, is that my NYE dress has to be black, white, or silver.   I always avoid gold for this one occasion because I associate gold more with Christmas and even thought they are only a week apart, they are two completely separate holidays.   It's just a personal preference, I guess I just like to start the new year out in black and white.  

Dress 1: Forever 21 
(New Years Eve 2010)

For this first look, we are using a very common "party" dress that I have seen in multiple stores, with minor variations. It is the dress with a lot of tool at the bottom, and sparkle and shine up top! I paired it with a slochy crew neck sweater pulled off one shoulder to show the silver sequin strap. Pair this look with black sparkly pumps, avalible almost everywhere this time of year, but I got mine for just $20 on sale at Target!

 If you live somewhere a little colder you can pair the dress with comfy shoes, Converse Lo Tops and your favorite black and white winter coat, I paired mine with a houndstooth print coat that I actually got for free. Sears has a points program where you earn points for things you buy, each 100 points transfers to a buck of store credit, so at one point I redeemed all of my points during a friends and family sale and got myself a free coat! I think a lot of people don't like shopping there, but Sears and JCPenney, which in my opinion are the forgotten department stores, have provided me with some of the cutest pieces in my wardrobe.

there is nothing like an old, dirty pair, of classic chuck taylors!

Dress 2:  Forever 21 again!
(New Years Eve 2011)

For this look, you can take a tighter, bandage dress. I suggest this if your style is more rocker and edgy. Pair is with some tights, to protect against the cold, and your favorite biker boots and leather jacket! (Fun Fact, that's a cotton/denim jacket, with a semi-wax finish! I LOVE the fact that it looks like a little cropped leather jacket.)

For the second way to style it, take some nude pumps and a nude blazer, I think blazers make anything look better but the fun flair in this outfit come in the form of some studded accessories, the shoes and the belt add an edgier vibe for the perfect balance of business and party.

Dress 3:  JCPenney 
(New Years Eve 2012...we survived the Mayan Apocalypse!)  

Well, you just can't get more classic than this, I guess we saved the best for last.   In my opinion, any woman, and I mean ANY woman can rock a silver sequin dress, and a black and white tuxedo blazer, pair it with the staple patent leather black pump, of your choice, and you are ready for a New Years Outfit that not only turns heads, but makes you the center of the party!!!

 There isn't a more fun combination than a sweater with sequins!   I love this look a lot because you get the illusion of a skirt, but since it's in fact a dress, you still have the extra layer of added warmth!
Pair it with some fun and flirty flats to match the comfy vibe.  I love these flats because the pointy toe is right on trend heading into 2013 AND the bow's are removable! 


I'll keep this ending simple....choose your own outfit! 

xoxo -Viktoria

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