Foxy Lady! Look 4 Less, OOTD & my college graduate boyfriend!

            I BROKE MY OWN RULE Shame on me :(  But as you recently read, I went to the outlet malls a couple days ago to spend time with John and his mom, who was in town for his graduation, and I bought a new sweater, even though I am Taking the Tag Challenge with you all!  But, like every other piece in my wardrobe, this sweater has meaning and a story so read on!
            The glamorized version of "tacky" Christmas sweaters are all the rage this winter, everywhere you turn you see chunky holiday sweaters with reindeer, pine trees, and snowflakes in an almost pix-elated print.    Another very on trend thing for winter this year are foxes, they are all over garments, shoes, and even the runway.
            Well, when I saw the Aubin & Wills Fox Jumper this year I died and went to heaven and wanted it immediately.  Too bad it was $200+.....which I obviously can't afford.  So, I pretty much just pinned the tan version of the A&W fox sweater to my My Style Board on Pinterest and moved on, weeping on the inside because I couldn't afford it. Then I saw Taylor Swift (on the news) wearing that stupid sweater that I wanted so much, and I decided to go on a man hunt for a Look For Less!

Aubin & Wills Tan Option
Aubin & Wills Black Option
Taylor Swift w/ Harry Styles

So weeks went by and honestly, I forgot I really wanted fox sweater, usually a tell tale sign that I didn't want one that much you'd think.  Then, I was on my laptop, in bed with my green tea and Glamour Magazine, wandering the sites looking for deals in preparation for Black Friday and I saw that Old Navy released a very inexpensive and cute version of the glamorized tacky Christmas sweaters.  Their's were a lot more subtle but still very cute, at the time, they had a sheep sweater and an owl one, which caught my eye, and was super cute, but not really my style so I left it alone.   THEN THE MOMENT CAME.....for some reason a couple days later I found myself on the Old Navy website again, and to my surprise, they had come out with a fox sweater.
Old Navy's variety of furry friend holiday sweaters!!!

            I died. I had to have it immediately, it said they were low stock and the smalls and mediums were already sold out so the large would only come next.   It was just 1 day before payday and I wanted to wait until I had excess money to get it, so I added it to my cart and went to bed.  I went to buy it once I had gotten paid because they didn't have it in store near me, and they.........were........sold......OUT!   Legit, one of the saddest fashion moments I've had in a long time! Well, that was that, they ran out of them, (so I thought) I wasn't surprised though, because it was such a cute sweater.
            When we went to Jefforsonville Outlets a couple days ago, and walked into Old Navy, because we saw a storewide sale of 50% off!   So I walk in to see what they have and they have about 30 in stock, of every size!  I guess nobody thought to check the Outlet Malls for the sweater.  I WAS IN HEAVEN!!!!!  So I literally grabbed a large and RAN across the store screaming to John because only he would understand, and long story short, of course I had to buy it, and I only ended up paying $14.98, because it was half off!!!!

Since it was a new item, I had to add it to my tag jar, but I wore it today, so it quickly got taken right back out, I paired it with a black trench coat I've never worn, so that is one more tag out or my jar too!   But here is how I styled my new sweater:
 I went with mixing prints today,  and since it's not too cold STILL which I am shocked by, being in Ohio mid-December,  I'm still stuck in the Fall colors mindset so I broke out the oh so famous Burgundy Pants! To play off of the orange fox, I chose an orange and white patterned tunic, so that I could have the collar, sleeves, and bottom flap peaking out from under the sweater.  Since the pattern on my shirt was subtle and abstract, I mixed a more bold, recognizable pattern for the shoe.   The shoe choice was easy today, this outfit could have easily gone with a boot, or a heel too because it was a special occasion, but since I knew I was going to be walking a lot I wanted to do a flat, and chose these loafers (here too), which aside from being exactly on trend and very popular this year, are SO comfortable!  I was exhausted and sweaty by the end of graduation so I didn't get a chance to take more detailed pictures of the outfit ON, but here is a little peek at what we looked like today!  
Tunic: J. Crew/Sweater: Old Navy/Trench: JCPenney/Jeans: Target/Loafers: Steve Madden/Earrings& Bracelet: Forever 21/Watch: Sears

And on a congratulatory note, I am so so so proud of my love, John.  He was worked his butt off and deserves his moment!  The first one of his siblings to graduate from College, he got a dual major in Physchology and Sociology from THE Ohio State University :) I couldn't be prouder of him!   The ceremony was long, and I was very tired but it was worth seeing him walk to get his degree!   Here are a few more fun pics!

He wanted me to paint his graduation cap with a Cleveland Browns theme. 

No, he's not super awesome with just a first name, like Pink.....I removed his full, legal name for privacy purposes :D 

Well, I hope you all enjoyed this fox filled post and caught the hidden Look 4 Less!  And remember, if you're going to something where you'll need to walk far, you can look super cute while staying comfortable and casual, just don't forget to wear flats!  xoxo -Viktoria

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