What to Wear on a Winter Daytime Date!

Today, John and I went to the Jefforsonville Outlets because his mom is in town! I wasn't feeling very original and I wanted to wear something comfy, yet stylish to walk around all day in and go to lunch!  I put together this outfit and then realized that a lot of women probably have very very similar pieces in their wardrobe so they could put this look together too if you need a comfy chic outfit idea for a shopping day or daytime day!  Here is what I wore:

Scarf: Mall Kiosk (not real Burberry)
Sparkly sweater:  Sears
Stretchy Tank underneath:  Old Navy
Jeggings:  Target
Socks: Abercrombie 
Boots: Steve Madden
Purse:  Target
Bracelets:  Las Vegas & J. Crew 
Cargo Jacket:  Tommy Hilfiger Outlet, Las Vegas
Rings:   Class Ring & my mom made the other one for me :)

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xoxo -Viktoria

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