The Guys and Girls Gift Guide 2012....UNDER $50!

Are you a last minute shopper? Are you drawing a blank as to what to get your loved ones this year?  Here is All Size Fits One's Holiday Shopping Guide for the 2012 Holiday Season!  Whether you have to shop for your boyfriend, or your gal friends these are gift ideas that no girl or guy will say no to!

For the guy who is a man's man.  This make a great stocking stuffer or for those of you (older women) who want to take the "next step" in your relationship and give him a key to your place! It's a cute and fun little twist to handing over the key! 

This is just an easy win.  Men usually don't really take a liking to fashion like women do, so chances are if you give them anything, they'll wear it.  Just like food, with their not-so-advanced palletes, they'll eat just about anything you put in front of them. 

Same reason as the skull t-shirt. You give it to em, they'll most likely wear it. It's very butch so you can't go wrong.

The most manly, or all man movies. Get either DVD or Blu Ray to suit your man's needs.  I would lean more towards Blu Ray becuase guys can't get enough of their HD.  

Guys at Best Buy is like kids in a candy shop. End of story. 

Turquoise has been right on trend all year, and for any girl, you can't go wrong with this classic beaded bracelet. It makes a great stocking stuffer.
This is a classic winter scarf, that will look good on any girl, or any shape, size, or skin tone. 

Honestly, I personally, don't wear a lot of make-up becuase I advocate natural beauty, but let's face it, most girls have a crap ton of give them a cute little place to store it all.

What girl doesn't like leopard?.... and whether you are a boyfriend or a fellow girl friend, this is a fun little way to give a cute watch that is not only practical but fashionable.

5.) Sephora Gift Card- $50.00
As I previously said, what girl (aside from myself) doesn't like make-up.  So you can guarantee that if you give a sephora gift card, she can go pick out whatever she wants!

I hope this helps you out! All of the gifts are generic so that most people will enjoy getting any of these as presents, so go out and shop shop shop!   xoxo Viktoria

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