Let me start off my saying, Happy New Year to all of my readers.  Instead of ranting (yesterday) about what the year brought me I thought I would wait until the start of this year to share a little bit about what you all have done for me :)  

As many of you already know, this blog started off as a way to show young women, anyone from 15-35, how to dress properly and style the clothes they most likely already have.   Mostly everything I wear is either thrifted, was on clearance, on sale, or I used a gift card to buy, with about 10% of my wardrobe being an exception.  After I found comfort with my personal style, realized my boyfriend can take a damn good picture, and put my mind to it, making blogging my part time job, All Size Fits One really took off.  Now, after only 6 measly months of hard work and dedication, I'm starting to see page views sky rocket, e-mails come in, and I've even gotten noticed on the street a couple times.  

It will forever be my goal to prove to everyone that you don't have to be a size 2, 6 feet tall and 100lbs to be beautiful.  I strive to represent the everyday women, who has lumps and bumps, not-so-prefect skin, and imperfections that we usually try to hide.  My weight fluctuates and I don't hide it, I still get pimples, I have big feet, hips, huge boobs, and big thighs.  I know I'm not perfect, but I still believe I'm beautiful.   I dress well putting outfits together out of the inexpensive clothes I can afford.   

So Thank You, Gracias, Merci, Danke, and however else to say it.  I will never be able to express my gratitude enough to all my readers for fueling the blog, and giving me the confidence to really put myself out there.   I appreciate every single one of you! Thank You!


All that being said, I would like to start of the newest blog-year with an all clearance/sale rack outfit.  The leopard top I got on the Macy's clearance rack in the middle of summer so it was super discounted, and ended up ringing up for a couple bucks.  The belt was a gift from my mom, it's genuine ostrich leather, straight out of the leather capital of the world from Mexico.  The skirt was on sale at JCPenney, I saw it when it originally came out and decided to not get it because it was way too much money, when it finally want on clearance the only size left was mine, a Large.   The cropped trench I got recently when Forever 21 was having their additional 50% off all Clearance merchandise, taking the discount off the lowest ticked price meant I snagged that cute jacket for just $8.  The flats I recently got at a trip to the Old Navy Outlet where the whole store, already discounted, was an additional half off.  The earrings were on sale at Target, they came in one of those cheap-o little "sets", but one was missing so they marked it down, and the watch I used Kohls Cash on and ended up getting it for free.  Bargain shopping has never looked so cute. 

1/2 Arizona Pomegranate Green Tea, mixed with 1/2 unsweetened Tazo Green Tea, shaken with 1 equal

One thing you may not know, I've always hated when you're shopping and see a tag that says "One Size Fits All"  especially because it usually doesn't fit everyone.  There is one thing I can comfortably say I do know however, and that is this: we aren't all the same build or body type so they can't get away with those tags, but we all do have one thing in common, that we strive to be the best versions of ourselves, and we are all beautiful. What's really true is that ALL SIZES do FIT ONE thing, being the best we can be.   So if you ever wondered why my blog's name is backwards, that's why.

xoxo -Viktoria

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