Foxy Lady Part 2!

As you previously read in my Original Foxy Lady post (click here), foxes were all over the freaking place with the fashion world, is another fox item I own, styled perfectly for the winter.  For this look, or one similar, you are going to need an oversize sweater dress, and a blazer.....that's pretty much it.  Yes ladies, it is just THAT hard to look cute in the winter.   Now, I would have worn tights if it were cold out but don't let the snow fool you, it was a good 60+ degrees when I wore this.   Anyways, patterned dresses are all over the place in the winter, so just pick a color from your dress and wear a matching blazer, dress sleeves pulled all the way out of the blazer sleeves for a cute layered, end-of-winter look.  I know what you're thinking though, 
           "OHMIGAWD, two animals prints in one outfit!? Ew!"
Well you know what, I'm not wearing two animal PRINTS, so I find nothing wrong with my leopard print purse being right next to my fox head dress.  For shoes, I choose a low heeled slouch boot, because it's super cute, extra comfy, and looks tres chic with the outfit.   Now usually if I were bare legged I would have knee high socks peaking out of my boots, but because the sweater dress is already peeking out in the sleeve area, I choose to opt out of that, so I didn't have too much layering going on.  After all, there IS that saying "too much of a good thing!" Unless, it's like 500 Bradley Coopers, that would be okay with me.  Finish off the look with come cute accessories of your choice, you can easily go gold OR silver, and you're ready for a perfectly layered, daytime outfit.

Hidden Savings:  Proof that saving money blends right in...
 My blazer was on clearance, for 30% off.
My purse was free to me, it was my Christmas present from John this year! Seriously, how amazing is he? It is spot on my taste!  And I have worn it every day since,  it is part of the Kardashian's purse line for Sears.
Belt, thrifted!  It was literally a couple cents.  
The sweater dress was marked down because it was an XXL, and that's the only size they had left.  Funny thing is, it runs smallI can fit a Large,  and sometimes, but rarely, an XL because of my um...."girls", but this dress is definitely not a true extra extra large.   THIS IS WHY YOU SHOULD ALWAYS TRY THINGS ON LADIES! I can not stress this enough, don't get discouraged or encouraged even by a size tag, all stores and brands are different.  So now, thanks the absentmindedness of other shoppers, I got a dress for like $9.    The dress is still a little big, which is where the belt comes into play, if you buy a shift dress one to two sizes too big, don't worry, you can make it work.   All you need to do is pick out a thin belt and raise your shoulders as high as they will go, with the shoulders risen, belt at your natural waist, and when you relax your shoulders you will have the perfect dress slouch in seconds!

I hope you all enjoyed this quick but cute, layered winter outfit!  For fashion and style questions and tips make sure to e-mail   
xoxo -Viktoria  


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