Sneaky Sneaky!

As you recently read, a huge trend as of lately has been the wedge sneaker.  I own the very pair that I featured in my recent Look For Less, but the tag remained in my Tag Jar.  So, following the pledge I made you all to feature outfits with items out of my tag jar, I created two looks inspired by sneakers.  It's always fun to put together new outfits by creating them from the shoe first, or starting with the necklace, even getting inspired by your favorite purse, and finding new looks made of clothes you already own, in combinations that you never would have thought to put together before.

Borrowed from the Boys. 
How many times do I have to say it ladies, don't be afraid to shop in the men's department.  Camo is so chic, if styled the right way, and it's a fun little way to say thank you to our troops without being too literal.  Some people can argue that it's "offensive and controversial" to wear the print, but I find nothing wrong with it if it's tasteful.   It's not like I'm wearing a "sexy army girl" Halloween costume or something.   This top, you guessed it, was bought straight from the men's department (at Target).   Because I didn't want to look straight up tomboy though, I paired it with skin tight black pants, and my studded, black wedge sneakers, which finish off the boy-inspired get up without looking too masculine.  Accessorize any boyish look with a moderate amount of chunky jewelry to look completely polished and put together.


 Plaid Prince(ss).
In my personal opinion, there is no way to make Keds or Vans not look either skater or butch, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, it's just not everyone's cup of tea.   Sweater vests have been really huge in the fashion world with men this past spring, and all through winter.   The style of the "metrosexual" man is becoming more and more appropriate for anyone and everyone (of the male variety), so for this look, I took one from the guys book, yet again.   I think when you're dealing with a shoe as fun as a Plaid Ked Wanna-be, you can go wild with other prints and just have fun for a day, not taking fashion so seriously.   After all, polka dot shirts and plaid shoes aren't necessarily "on trend" right now, blazing down the runway in Michael Kors Spring 2013 collection. 

Did you catch the hidden savings? Didn't think so!  So from now on instead of telling you in the begginning of the post what was on sale or thrifted etc, I'm waiting until the end.  Just to prove how much saving money really blends in with the normal, full priced stuff.  The objective from this blog, after all, IS to show you how too look good saving money, and believe me.....people will never know! :)

Hidden Savings:  Proof that saving money blends right in...

The silver bag in the first post, was free.  DSW was giving everyone a free tote with any purchase, so I used my DSW gift card (Thanks Aunt Carmen) and got free shoes AND a free tote!
That super cute chain necklace in the first outfit.....$4.80 at Forever 21! And it's HEAVY!!!
The pants in the second outfit were just $3.  If anyone ever returns items from on online order to the store, the store in obligated to super duper discount it.   These pants (which are a 10 size that I can never find anywhere) rang up for $8, and I had a $5 rewards card, from JCPenney's button promo in December!
The Polka Dot Blouse, I bought at a thrift store for 25¢, because it's tag was the tag of the day, where you get that color tag for a quarter.
The sweater and shoes, also from Target,  were both on clearance, the shoes were just $7.98! You might still find them at your local store.
The denim jacket (that looks like a leather jacket)  was also marked down on Clearance, nearly 50% off from it's original price.

I hope you enjoyed these two outfits, and you're inspired to go casual the next time you go out, because sometimes a sneaker will inspire the cutest outfit ideas.....and your feet will thank you all night long.  

xoxo -Viktoria

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