What Were They Wearing?! The Good, The Bad, and the "OH SNAP!"

(Let me start by saying I OBVIOUSLY did NOT take these photos, so NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED)
**DISCLAIMER: These are just my views, I am not a professional stylist or designer, but I am entitled to my opinions so don't start a war here with comments!**   

The Golden Globes.....I watch them, along with every other woman in America, why?  Because I love seeing the reaction, hearing the acceptance speeches, and most importantly, seeing what everyone is wearing!  So to be original I have broken down the celebrities into caterories based off what they are wearing, and you'll see if I think they're hot or not!   

The Hot Mommas and the Soccer Moms
Mothers of the Golden Globes

Jennifer Lopez & Jessica Alba- Hot Mommas!
All I have to say about both of these looks is YES YES YES!  J. Lo has the body to pull of a nude illusion dress, with lace detailing in all the right places, and not only does the coral color look FAB on Jessica Alba, but if I had babies and had that body, I would be wearing something just as tight to show off my hard work! 
Mayim Bialik- Soccer Mom!
I just don't like it, I don't think the mesh sleeves are flattering on anyone really, if the dress we're the same minus the sleeves, I would really like it. 

Adele- Hot Momma!
Does she ever go wrong, This is a great example of a dress with a sleeve, that looks flattering, and it just fits....well done Adele, well done.

Halle Berry- Hot....Soccer Momma?
I don't know if I love this or hate it. I LOVE how fit Halle is after having children, but even as attractive and in shape as she is, I think it's showing too much skin to be age appropriate. I think the one shoulder exposed, with the esposed side AND waist high slit is just one thing too many on an otherwise pretty dress.  

  Heidi Klum- Hot Momma
I would definitely trade away the (what appears to be) padded shoulder, and the gold detailing, because it's starting to look kinda ice skater-y, but seriously, after what? 4....5 kids? Can you really make an ex-Victoria's Secret Angel look bad? Heidi Klum seems to disagree!

 Jennifer Garner- Hot Momma
I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT HIS DRESS.....but I would have choosen another color, looks like Jennifer is melting into the Red Carpet. 

The Prom Queens and the Wanna-bes
Prom Inspired Get Ups

Zooey Deschanel -Wanna Be! 
No Zooey, just no! This isn't a high school dance, and the pearls......just no.  

                                                Lena Dunham- Wanna Be
There is only one place I can think of that a solid brown dress looks decent......I take that back. I can't think of one. Another color MAYBE would have looked good, but the brown just kills it.

Jennifer Lawrence- Wanna Be!
This just straight up looks like a very unoriginal, mass produced prom dress.  I hate it, Jennifer Lawrence is GORGEOUS and has a great body, but that dress is just no.  Plus, it gives her muffin tops that I'm sure she doesn't have.  

Taylor Swift- Wanna Be!
NO! I'm not even going to repeat myself, high school prom dress. End of Story, plus it gives her saggy old lady boobs and wide shoulders (that she doesn't have)

The Stud Muffins and the Muffin Top
Men of the Golden Globes 

Bradley Cooper- Stud Muffin MAJOR!

Benedict Cumberbatch- Stud Muffin
I've just got to say ladies, he's taken by my friend and high school classmate Audrey, so don't even bother trying to steal him. But he looks GREAT, the suit is tailored perfectly, and a straight/skinny pant leg with a nice patent shoe, well done sir......well done! 

 Aaron Paul- Muffin Top :'(
It pains me to say this, because any man who looks good in a bow-tie is untouchable in my book, but as a shorter man, Arron should have gone with a skinny tie, to make him look taller.  It just makes him look kind of childish and the subtle plaid on his suit isn't helping his case.  Oh, and "Science Bitch!"

 Jim Parsons- Stud Muffin!
Now THIS is how you wear a bow-tie, it fits his personality, it matches the satin trim on his lapel.....just masterfully done! 

I Do? or Do I?
Wedding Dress Inspired Get Ups

Amy Adams- I DO!
This woman not only had the body and siloutee to pull this off, but the fact that the shade of nude is almost spot on just creates this beautiful almost mermaid-like illusion.  I love every bit of it.

 Hayden Panettiere- Do I? No.
Although neither Amy nor Hayden are "well endowed" in the upstairs region, Amy had a woman's body with hips and Hayden has a pre-pubescent athlete's body. She is magnificent actress, don't get me wrong, but that dress is wearing her, and she looks like a teenager who just stepped right out of a bridal show.

Jessica Chastain Do I? No.
Although I love the almost accidental shade of mint, this makes her look like she had grand-ma boobs.  That is all.

Amanda Seyfried- YES YES YES YES YES I DO! 
This looks FAN...TAS....TIC....on her. The torso of the dress zig zaging at the top gives her more curves in all the perfect places, and then plumating downward at the waist making her look taller and thinner than she already is!

 Lea Michelle- I DO!
Just go away Lea Michelle, you're way too attractive AND you can sing......ugh.  Whatever.  :)

It's My Party and I Can Cry if I Want To!  Are these outfits too Costume-y, or just Right?

Debra Messing- I can cry if I want to.
Somehow, a BLACK dress, had made her look bigger. Never a good thing.

Katherine McPhee- It's my party!!

Lucy Liu- I can cry if I want to
If you saw a silhouette of that dress, you'd think we were in another century, it may work on the runway, but not on you, Little Lucy Liu Who!

 Sienne Miller- I can cry if I want to!
It looks like Silly Bands threw up on your dress Sienne......please go change.

Nene Leakes- I can cry if I want to!  
NeNe, it looks like you got into a fight with a waitress, a Karate instructor, and a naughty housekeeper, and lost.....and in the word's of Forrest Gump, "and that's all I have to say about that!"

 Tina Fey- It's my party
Great outfit Tina, but is that Psy in the background?!

 Kerry Washington- It's my Party!
You know, when I first saw this I didn't know what to think, but I adore this outfit ON HER and would probably hate it on someone else.  I think the haircut, the length, the nude shoes, the matching clutch and minimal jewelry was all very well thought out and she look slamming!

Best in Show! (hehe)
The women below dressed so well, in my opinion, the have they're own category. 

Claire Danes

Olypic Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas

Amy Poehler


xoxo -Viktoria

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