Being Inspired.

            I think a common misconception with being able to get dressed well in the morning is people consider it to be "fashionable".  I consider it to be stylish, not fashionable.
            I think to be fashionable you have to be able to express yourself, tell a story, and be inspired by your surroundings.   The way you then express that, is through your clothes.  Fashion designers everywhere such as the late Alexander McQueen,  Russian based designer Yegor Zaitsev, and many others take clothing to a whole new level where it's no longer wearable, and it becomes pure art.   
      A fun way to challenge yourself and diversify your wardrobe is to be inspired by things you stumble upon, and create an outfit around that.
       On a recent trip to a Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert with John and my mom I found this beautiful little gem in the heart of Columbus, this archway with these hundred foot tall pillars, covered in snow with nothing but an open field behind it.  I immediately thought of this skirt that I have.  It's a very in-your-face skirt with bold detailing and a loud's hard to miss and I remember seeing it in the store.  I was at Forever 21 and it just stood out as if it were under a spotlight, even surrounded by other clothes, it peaked out and was screaming my name, arms outstretched like I just couldn't leave without it.  This archway inspired me to create a look centered around my statement skirt.  I hope you like what I came up with.....

....and for the record, it was FREEZING the day John and I shot this outfit.   The things I do for fashion :)

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