Look For Less: Wedge Sneakers

The latest trend to REALLY TAKE OFF has got to be the wedge sneaker.   With celebrities such as Miranda Kerr, Beyonce, Jordin Sparks, Lucy Lu and more all donning the latest trend, it was sure to take off in the fashion world!  Although, I had seen the trend everywhere, I was hesitant to jump on the bandwagon because I try to stray away from super on trend specific items for my wardrobe, that AREN'T classic.   You never want your outfit to have a time stamp so people can look at you and scoff thinking, "ugh, those shoes are SO spring 2012!" Well, when I saw a very inexpensive pair I figured it was worth giving a shot, so I tried on the sneakers, and they are not only the most comfortable shoes ever that give you a super casual look, with elevated height, but the pair I found are all black and I can probably get away with wearing them for quite a while.   Seeing as they were less then $40, I felt at ease joining the latest trend, wedge sneakers.  There are options for every woman of every budget, and every style.  BUT if you're like me, and need a much more inexpensive option to the designer duds, here are 2 pairs to fit your college kid budget needs.  


 ** Click on the titles, you will be directed to the websites to purchase whichever sneaker you'd like.

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