What's In My Purse?

My Top 15 Purse Essentials Every Woman Should Carry

To men, it's a bottomless black hole of doom! Seriously, I'll ask my boyfriend to grab my phone out of my purse and he cringes, slowly goes over and cautiously places his hand into the bag, arm outstretched as much as possible, then opens one eye to pull out.......a tampon.  "EEEEKKKKKK!" And he drops it like it's a taranchula, shivers, and decided to bring over my whole purse instead, carrying it like he's holding a temperamental grenade.  Seriously, the contents of our purse save lives!  Men should be more thankful.   There are certain things, however, that I think every woman can benefit from carrying around daily, if not for yourself, but for those around you.  

So first thing's first, you always want to make sure you're bringing things to keep you hygienic, feeling so fresh and so clean.   
1.) Emergency Tampon-  As a woman, on a regular "cycle", you just never know.  It took me years to get comfortable with the word tampon let alone periods in general.  But with age come maturity, and it really doesn't bother me anymore, it's a fact of life, every woman has one, and sometimes they sneak up on us so it's always good to have an emergeny tampon, if anything, to last us until we can make it to a drug store to buy more of them. 
2.) Mini Deodorant-   You can find these in the travel section of most stores, they are $1, and it's the best way to stay fresh and smelling nice.   I know a lot of people who only wear deodorant in the summer for obvious reasons, but a situation I've found myself in one too many times, is bundling up for the winter and ending up in a store that BLASTS it's heat, and I'm starting to overheat. So carry deodorant around with you year round.
3.) Lip Balm-  ESPECIALLY in the winter, my lips are chapped 24/7. Aside from being horrendously NOT aesthetically pleasing, it begins to hurt.  So keep your lips hydrated, for you and your special someone too ;) 
4.) Hand Sanitizer-  This is all I'm gonna say about it, I work with children daily, I'm sneezed on, I've been peed on, and they leave their little germs EVERYWHERE. Just......just carry it around, and use it, trust me. 

Next thing, you want to be ready for any situation.
5.)  Pain/Headache Medicine-  I have literally had headaches and pains spring up on me out of nowhere, so I always carry Aleve.
6.)  Band Aids-  Everyone has a freak accident and a paper cut every now and again!
7.) Nail Clippers-  2 words: hang nails.  End of story.

 I recommend these next three things to any business professional, and or anyone who needs to be marketing themselves daily, because you never know who you'll run into that can change your life.
8.) Lotion-  My hands, knees, and elbows, are always drying out, and with a darker complextion than most people, IT SHOWS!  So I always make sure to carry around a little bit of lotion so that I keep my skin looking healthy. 
9.) Tissues-  GROSS ALERT* But I have found myself spontaneously sneezing and ending up with snot all over myself, my car, my boyfriend etc.  So just have it with you so your sleeves don't become your Kleenex.   
10.)  Stain Remover Pen-  I rarely get stains on myself but when and if I do, I would love to be able to remove them instantly.   I do find myself splattering sauces or dressings on myself when I'm out to dinner that I don't even notice until I get home, so little bitty splatter marks like that, remove easily with a to-go pen. 

You always want to enjoy every meal, but sometimes your breath hates you afterwards, so here's two ways to enjoy your meal and stay smelling good afterwards.
11.) Gum-  let's face it, and Italian dinner may be fancy and romantic, but after the garlic bread, you can say bye bye to all those kisses, so make sure to carry around some mint gum to freshen up your breath on the go.
12.) Zero Calorie Sweetener-  This may sound bizarre but I always have Equal in my purse.  My mom used to do it, and I thought it was an "old person" thing, but as I grew older myself it became a health thing.  Restaurants will often sweeten tea or coffee with raw cane sugar, high in calories, and it will make you crash later, so carry around equal to stay alert and enjoy a sweet beverage, minus the calories. 

13.) Sunglasses-  Don't let mother nature catch you squinting, carry around your sunglasses everywhere you go!
14.)  Magazine-  Just to kill time for those moment where you have nothing to do
15.) Mr. Phone-  My guilty pleasure is my phone, I hate to admit it but I'm kinda addicted to social media, as much as it drives me crazy sometimes.   I love everything, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram (just not Twitter) so everywhere I can go I make sure I have my phone so I can stay up to date!  *Never forget your charger either*

xoxo -Viktoria

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