Which Ruffles Do Your Boobs Need?

There are a couple things that affect what I wear, where.   But some of the most influential things that affect my outfit choice are the weather, and the company.  I will often find myself joined by older people, and out of respect, I like to stay covered up if at all possible to avoid offending anyone.  Whether it is at a job interview, or just dinner with the grandparents, the scoop of your neck and the length of your skirt should completely change.  Here is a very simple way to stay chic and stylish but appropriate for those special outings.  It's as simple as a knee length dress and a trench coat, flat boots instead of heels complete the outfit, keeping your legs covered up but not looking completely wack! 

Now to be honest, I try to avoid a knee length skirt or dress if at all possible,  because one, I think they can easily make you look shorter and two, I like to show off my legs while I'm still young.  I'm proud of the way my legs look so I will usually flaunt the legs, and cover up on top.  But if you find a wrap dress, or a hi-low dress like mine with a fun print, it makes the knee length more fun to wear and fashion forward. 

 If you're body is anything like mine (extra chesty, small-normal NATURAL waist, and extra hips) dresses like this will look great on you, with elastic threading built in it synches my natural waist and the ruffles up top cover up my top half, which believe it or not, I have always been very self conscious about.  I love that fact that my DNA gave me boobs, especially when women everywhere get implants, so I am appreciative of them, but with 10 years of daily back pain and not being able to have a conversation without being looked in the eye, I kinda with they were a little smaller.   But, I have learned how to dress them to cover em up, and now nobody even notices unless I'm wearing a tank or tight shirt.  So I'm living proof that IF you have something you want to cover up, there is an outfit or styling tip for you to make you look your best. 

I couldn't do it without him!  I seriously have the best, supportive bf ever who learned how to operate my camera and is more than willing to help me out, I am so blessed. 

The Hidden Savings: Proof that Saving Money Blends Right In!!!
The Trench Coat was on double clearance at Forever 21, in preperation for new inventory and the New Year, their Clearance section was an additional 50% off the lowest clearanced price, so I got this staple cropped trench for $7.99

I hope you all learned which ruffles you need to give you the exact look you want, for fashion questions and style tips, email allsizefitsone@yahoo.com
xoxo -Viktoria

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